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Following the end of the European Championships, the club’s basketball tournament kicks off this week, and the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL) held a press conference ahead of its 30th anniversary celebrations. President Remigijus Milašius is happy with the growing number of basketball teams, broadcasts and businesses.

“The season is festive. 30 years of the LKL League. This is a special holiday. I realized my dream. When I came here, I mentioned in my program that I want to have 12 teams. The 12th team was “Gargždai” who won the NKL and entered the LKL without a hitch. We look to the future and want basketball to develop in Lithuania for a new generation, the board and administration have given the exception that until they have a hall, the “Gargžda” team will be able to play in Palanga next season. In the future, traditionally, we will continue this. Of course we have the new owner of Alytus “Dzūkijas” and the club name is no longer “Dzūkija” but “Wolves”. The group has ambitious plans for itself. This year’s budget will reach about 4 million. Euro, which can rise if necessary. The fact that a new group has joined LKL is very important to us as an organization.

It’s interesting for viewers, interesting for journalists, interesting for everyone. Have a basketball Business And I always imagined that the team would not be owned by a friend of a friend, but that the owner there would sell the club and take back part of it because you might not get all the money back. It costs a lot to maintain a club. I am very pleased with the twelve teams and that a strong company has arrived that will have the Wolves and will play in the future in Vilnius in the Avia Solutions Group.

This season will feature that we will be airing nearly 150 broadcasts. Most importantly, we will feature two games on Sunday. Why is this important? It is important to help clubs that can better develop the market, work for their clients who have signed marketing contracts and thus attract new sponsors because now the economic situation is not optimal.

We have to help the club find a way to help and there are no big problems in the season. I hope this year will be very interesting. Probably no one can predict who will be the champion and runner-up who will compete for the ranking. Grades 3-4. We hope that our team will do everything possible to make this year as error-free as possible on the part of the judges and organizers, and that the proposed changes will bring less scandal. More than before, “said the LKL president.

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According to LKL Director Rasa Liuimienė, the number of broadcasts will also increase after “Gargžda” joins LKL.

“This season we will have 33 more games. In the regular season we will have 26 Sundays where TV viewers can watch two games on each TV. Our broadcasts of both games The two should be completely equal. No match should matter better or worse.

Rewards do not decrease. As we will have 33 more tournaments, the prize pool will increase accordingly. For the King’s Mindaugas Cup fixtures schedule will be revealed once it is clear which teams are eligible for the international club competition. We have four different scenarios for every situation, ”Liuimienė said.

Although she talked about the increase in prize money, the LKL director was cautious about specific budget figures.

“It’s our 30th season, but we are all facing budget problems. Our finances are set according to the calendar year – until January 1. We are currently budgeting. Great next year. The more expensive the service, the more expensive everything is and it is also a big challenge for us. For that we are grateful to all the partners. “

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However, LKL President Milašius spoke louder on the subject and named the numbers.

“Reward funds increase automatically. Each team gets 1.5 thousand per match. The Euro will play 33 matches each, so it will be 46 thousand. Euro. The fund has two parts. The first – for each match, the second – for the outcome of the season. That is about 15,000 more. Contribute to the euro. The budget used to be 550 thousand EUR and the other 90 thousand. The King Mindaugas Cup contributed ,000 700,000. Euro. We need to find another 60 thousand. We will try not to give up and it is my dream that the prize fund is 1 million. Euro. I am grateful to our partner Betsafe. If they want, they will tell us about the historic contract we signed, but this is the biggest contract in sports in Lithuania. We will see what the actual budget will be after we calculate the expenses and income. We will tell you all the numbers in December. ”

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At the time, head of communications Vaidotas Leliuga named a marketing innovation that LKL will welcome next season.

“On the occasion of the thirtieth anniversary, we will have two projects. One of them will be a digital NFT card that we created together with a partner from Estonia. The next project is a group of thirty, legendary. We will not sit at the table and decide who the 30 strongest legs deserve to be honored, but we will invite journalists and supporters to do so. “After the New Year, I wish there were events for the thirtieth anniversary that we could honor them.”

Chief Justice Algimantas Pavilonis gave a presentation on enhanced monitoring systems (SPS) and more.

“If we had the opportunity to see images from four cameras, the judge would now be able to examine the eight-camera segment,” he said. Also, everyone wants to get a professional evaluation as soon as possible for a controversial session. We tried to mobilize and bring them to the Department of Justice. There will be Brazauskas, Pilipauskas, me and sometimes Director Liuimienė. We will try to provide a public evaluation of the episode in due course. Let’s say something happened on Sunday and we give an explanation on Monday. The same department will cooperate in appointing judges.

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LKL CEO Justinas Liaudinskas has unveiled another innovation – the LKL Virtual League, where people will be able to assemble their teams and compete throughout the season.

The LKL Fantasy League will be connected to a digital NFT card. This means we will invite fans to collect players digitally on the cards. It could be a picture and an episode. Those trading cards will be available in the Fantasy game. We will start with this match from November 6 – the match between “Ryto” and “galgiris”. “We look forward to the start,” Liaudinskas said.

Speaking of expanding the LKL further, Milašius did not rule out the possibility that the league map could grow further.

“The team can show up in Mažeikiai, where there are good financial resources. Plunge too. I have met more than once with people who want to see Plunge” Olympus “. There are about 30,000 people. The population. Those who are interested in this have the financial ability to own a club. My vision is one million euros (budget) for each club. This is how the club Our next meeting was Marijampole. When I got there we built a hall with all the mayors. I heard the word that the ring should appear in Marijampole in two minutes. “I really want Marijampole to have that arena. More except Kaunas.” All of our opportunities remain closed due to other areas being financially weak, “said the LKL chairman.

“To answer the question directly, the increase is not in our plan,” Liuimienė confirmed. – But we hope that the sports principles can start from next season. We hope so. ”

According to the current procedure of LKL, the league issues a license for the club to compete for the championship, which also depends on the financial situation of the team. During the press conference, a question was asked whether the licensing arrangement has been improved this season as some clubs are in debt.

“We have presented changes to the licensing procedure for the LKL Board regarding the aspect when the debt exceeds the budget,” Liuimienė said. – We have predicted at least 3-4 steps how the club will perform their duties. I want to go into details when the board approves the document. For licensing, LKL decides whether or not to grant a license, we just ask. It is their choice to accept or reject our offer. We are very happy with what has been done since 2016. Clubs that vote for a specific procedure are committed to following that procedure. We are just an oversight authority. ”

The LKL season has already started this week, but not all teams have a full squad. For example, 10 basketball players appear in Pasval’s “Milk Stars”.

“There are a few clubs that do not comply with the regulations,” Liuimienė said. Teams must submit a preliminary application in early September. We have not received those applications from a few clubs so far. We evaluate poorly and hopefully at the beginning of the season the team will still register as they should. At least 12 players must be registered in the program. “Otherwise, there are some sanctions that are stipulated in the regulations.”

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