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Croatia coach wanted to see Lorenzo Brown in his squad a few years ago.

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Lorenzo Brown, who led Spain to the European Basketball Championship, may not make his debut with Will not this country’s shirt.

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Former Croatia international Mario Kasun shared an interesting story about Lorenzo on the Inkubator podcast.

“Veljko Mršić gave Brown to Croatia a few years ago, but the country’s basketball federation is known for its decision …” Kasun revealed.

Mršičius was the manager of the Croatian basketball team at the time. He has held this position since 2019. May to January 2022.

Croatia before 2022 Euros granted Jaleen Smith citizenship and the Spanish Basketball Federation granted citizenship to Brown following the serious injury of Ricky Rubio.

Brown was granted citizenship by Spanish authorities ahead of the European Championships in July.

Lorenzo, 32, who has never played for Spain, was a key figure in the European Championships. The American, who was selected for the five iconic matches of the tournament, scored 15.2 and 7.6 assists.

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This is ridiculous when something like this comes out. It just shows once again that the national championship becomes a club thing. I pity not only the fans, but especially the talented youngsters who Desired to play for the country from a young age. And there and and on the level of the national team. But all of a sudden, some Americans came out to replace the young man, and all dreams were shattered, and the desire to represent his country was no longer great.

I do not understand that.

Is he Hispanic or Croatian?

So how is this different from a prostitute?


It’s really good when, according to official data, Americans score more points than at the European Championships. No team has scored as many goals as the United States …


Brazdeikis has closed the citizenship trial for the next decade. Because according to FIBA ​​Brazdeikis is made naturally here.


Why are blacks sold as commodities?

Mak Thana

It is also offered to Zalgiri but …….., …..,.


We can offer Lithuania 🙂 We will take the gold!


I heard that he was known as a good scholar.


I will change the procedure of naturalization. Nature can become a basketball player who: 1. Born in that country but has lived in another country since childhood 2. At least one parent or ancestor is a citizen of that country. Grandparents are no longer eligible 3. Live in that country for more than 5 years. 4. He can play his first game a year after naturalization


I agree with everything, but the third point does not make sense. A good player for the last n years probably lives where he plays and probably not Lt.

Alkhas of Kaunas

The national team champions and the club champions are starting similarly, who will buy the better players. Perhaps FIBA ​​will begin to intervene in such decisions.

Why not Lithuania? Ah, it’s true, we are a basketball country, we do not need the best.


National clubs and sports should be distinguished. I think we would not be happy if foreigners with Lithuanian passports were running around. I generally do not understand either the Spanish Federation or Brown. When you go to Romania or Hungary, it gets even more so. Now the strongest local country, the champion, has taken american.total moose.


wow marios kasunas, wow what a memory … I remember he was considered the center of NBA level talent uncertainty … but it’s a shame he was seen as a non-talent. Exactly in his spare time .. he was considered unrealistic talent, but it seems he did not take basketball seriously … similarly in Latvia bierzingis or something there. Worried about where he played .. Also maip kasunas made his career better ..

Brown will not agree because as a child he dreamed of playing for Spain


And I offered Kazy to neutralize Mike James, but Kazy did not ask me. So the 15th place is also good …


As an element, who wants to win the championship? Buy this guy …. imagine what our team will be like with these tall men + brown ….


13 people left 🤣

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