MTB marathon championship to be unveiled in the capital –

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Daiva Tušlaitė-Ragažinskienė (center). Photo by Živiles Kavaliauskienė.

E. Gudiškis ruled victorious both in the first stage at Anykščiai and in the second stage at Ignalina. Meanwhile, D. Tušlaitė-Ragažinskienė finished fourth in the first round but won in Ignalina with the toughest course. Ernesta Tubytė, the teammate of the leader who finished second in both stages, is lining up behind the Rio de Janeiro Olympics.

“The MTB Bicycle Marathon Cup is in its 20th season and will be held in Vilnius for the 17th time. For all the biggest events, having a stage in Vilnius is a matter of prestige. The capital has great potential and the city is characterized by beautiful surroundings: sculptures, nature reserves. We organize MTB marathons in the northern city of Saulėtekė. Towards the Nemenčinė highway are the jungles of Aukštagiris and Veržuvas – a great place to compete, “Arūnas Daugirdas, the event organizer, described the scene in the capital.

The MTB Cycling Marathon Cup stage is usually attended by nearly 1,000 cyclists. Although most of the participants in the competition are volunteers, the organizers are happy that the leaders of Lithuanian MTB cycling have always been involved in them.

“The leader is the one who is usually the leader in the sport – not surprisingly. Eimantas Gudiškis has been the strongest MTB representative in Lithuania for many years,” said Daiva Tušlaitė. Successfully return to active sports. Their club – “Colibri Cycling” – is strong, having gathered a large number of cyclists. Our race is not an elite event, we focus on amateur cyclists. But leadership is an example for others. We all see how A. Daugirdas said: “Speed ​​cycling is conceivable, especially for young people, so we are very happy that the best athletes are involved. In this game.

In the first two stages, the athletes had to overcome not only the difficult road but also against the weather conditions – the rain in Anykščiai while in Ignalina they had to endure very hot weather. According to A. Each stage Daugirdas has some differences.

“Everyone knows what Ignalina says is the hardest stage with the hardest route – the biggest test for cyclists. We chose Anykščias as the first stage for entry because the track is a bit easier. But also fun and interesting. Meanwhile, Vilnius is the last great highlight that happens in the fall when everyone returns to the capital after vacation. A. Daugirdas Said Vilnius is a city with the greatest potential.

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