“Nevēžis” completes training cycle by defeating first LKL team

In K មិត្តdainiai’s “Nevėžis-Optibet” friendly match, they beat Gargžda 82:77.

Nevėžio-Optibet and Gargždų from Kėdainiai, preparing for the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL), tested their strength against each other.

Kėdainiški after persistent fighting 82:77 (17:18, 21:24, 25:17, 19:18) Separated “Gargžda” basketball players.

Artūrs Žagars is the most productive player on the Nevėžio-Optibet team with 18 points (2/5 doubles, 2/6 triple, 8/8 penalties), 2 rebounds, 4 assists and 18 points. assists in 30 minutes, earning points.

Marius Runkauskas stands out among the losers. Veteran collects 13 points (1/1 double, 3/8 triple, 2/4 penalty), recovery, assists and 9 points.

Kėdainiškii will start the LKL season on September 24 by hosting the “Wolves” at home. Gargžda will then make their debut for the Lithuanian champions on September 27 on the road with Pasvalis.

Nevėžis-Optibet: Artūrs Žagars 18 (8/8 penalty), Brad Davison (6 Assists) and Justin Marcinkevičius 11 each.

“Gargždai”: Marius Runkauskas 13, Joshua Newkirk (7 assists), Mindaugas Stašys and Šarūnas Beniušis 11 each.

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