Newcomers to Lithuanian Olympics step forward

A new page in Lithuanian cycling history has opened – the first Lithuanian free BMX championship was held in Panevėžys in the Cultural and Amusement Park. Martynas Lagauskas from Kaunas became the winner of the men’s elite cycling team that appeared at last year’s Olympics, while Neilanas Kaveika from Vilnius was the first in the youth team.

The 25-year-old M. Lagauskas ’best rider in the finals was rated 88.1 points out of 100 possible. Martynas, who excelled in the qualifiers, defeated four-and-a-half-year-old silver medalist David Budkov In the final only 0.1 point. The bronze medal was won by 18-year-old Erikas Majauskas with 74 points.

The winners of the country’s elite men’s elite team receive 200, 160 and 130 world ranking points, respectively, and a cashier’s check worth a total of 1,000 euros created by the SBA team.

Fourth place went to Rytis Rutkauskas (68.2 points), fifth place to Karolis Lamsargis (64 points) and sixth place to Tautvydas Gelumbickas (63.6 points). Twelve cyclists took part in the finals.

Twenty-one cyclists are classified as male elite (born 2007 and earlier).

“I am very happy that the first Lithuanian BMX Championship has been held. I thank all the organizers. National champion M. Lagauskas marked a major step forward. “So far, there has been no separate BMX competition. Our sport is focused on leisure time, and now with the advent of the championship, we have reached another level. Compete and develop strategies, not just together. To have a good time and improve the trick. “

The first Lithuanian freestyle BMX champion has returned to the sport after a two-year hiatus.

“I have been riding a Freestyle BMX for 12 years, but I have not ridden at all in the last two years. Sometimes a break is helpful. Two weeks before the championship, I started training again every day. I think I can recover 80%. From what I have, ”Martyn said. – So far my biggest achievement is the third place among the youth in the “Baltic Games” in Poland. “Not many people know about it in Lithuania, but it was an important time for me to be encouraged to continue playing sports.”

N. Kaveika, 13, won the junior team (7-14 years old) with 36.3 points in the final. Silver medal was won by Andrius Subačius (29.4 points) and bronze by Lukašas Janovskis (26.8 points). Fourth is Edvinas Subačius (19.05 points).

The winners of the children’s group received a check from the BMX shop “Stillbmx” worth a total of 475 euros.

The competition for the best style of play was won by Domantas Zemeckis, who lives in the United Kingdom. He received a check for 200 euros.

The decision to include a free BMX style at the Olympics was made in June 2017. The competition took place at the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, and last year the free BMX debuted at the Tokyo Olympics.

M. Lagauskas believes that a new generation is needed to start dreaming of the Olympics. According to him, girls have better expectations. “We have more opportunities for girls. We have a strong girl from BMX. Everyone is trying to talk to her in free BMX mode. She has a good grip on the bike and has a lot of potential. There are strong girls trained by David Budkov in Vilnius.

The championship is organized by the Lithuanian Cycling Federation, the Lithuanian BMX Cycling Association and the Intense Cycling Association. A total of 39 cyclists took part in the race.

“The success of this event shows that our community is united and motivated to raise BMX levels in Lithuania. We are proud of our athletes and thank you very much to everyone. BMX cycling is rapidly gaining popularity around the world since 2017, it has been recognized as a sport. Olympics. We dream that our athletes will make a name for Lithuania in future world competitions, but that the existing infrastructure in Lithuania is not enough to achieve this. New training venue The newly created park is rarely suitable for BMX cycling, and we hope that events like the Lithuanian Freestyle BMX Championship in Panevėžys will attract more attention. For our sport. ”

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