Olympian in the starting lineup of the MTB Bicycle Marathon Cup

Daiva Tušlaitė-Ragažinskienė.

On Sunday, Anykščiai will host the first stage of the 2022 MTB Bicycle Marathon Cup, where nearly a thousand cyclists will test their strength. The 21st season welcome event will take place in three Lithuanian cities this year: the second stage is planned in Ignalina and the third in Vilnius.

“I am happy that we are finally close to the first stage. “We have decided to organize only three stages this year, although before the pandemic we used to prepare five in the summer – the epidemic has hindered our aspirations a bit,” said Arūnas Daugirdas, the event’s organizer. . For participants, the trend is similar to last year. “The largest crowd usually registers on the last day, so we will see how many participants will be present on Thursday. The plan is almost a thousand.”

The route of the Anykščiai stage is 22.3 km with an ascent of 209 m. Participants are invited to complete 1-3 rounds, while shorter distances are offered to children and kindergartens.

“The roughness of the road in Anykščiai is not big. The difference between the ups and downs is the same. We think it makes sense to start the season with an easier phase. We really like that we have a good partner in Anykščiai. “Vėtrungė” is a sports club that helps to set the stage in the city. Thanks to them, MTB cycling tournaments are held in Anykščiai about 15 times, “said A. Daugirdas.

It is not uncommon for current and former professional cyclists to test their strength during the MTB stage. Rio de Janeiro Olympic participant Daiva Tušlaitė-Ragažinskienė won the final of last season in Vilnius.

“Last year I participated in all stages of the MTB marathon and in the final stage in Vilnius I may have won only because the professional athletes of Torpado Factory, Katažina Sosna and Greta Karasiovaitė were not present. At this stage “I told myself that for the first time in MTB launch this year, I really enjoyed the ride. That’s why I enjoy driving, I do not feel any pain.” D. Tušlaitė- Ragažinskienė said.

Many Lithuanian champions recently took part in cycling as a volunteer – that is, she competed in races that did not require a license. According to the Olympian, she enjoys every start when joining.

“I always thought that even after finishing my career as a professional cyclist, I would never forget cycling. Although my field has many roads, we do not have many road races in Lithuania. D. Tušlaitė-Ragažinskienė says this is a great opportunity to try your hand at cycling, still competing on your own or just enjoying the ride on your own. – This year I plan to participate in all three stages, but the preparation is not smooth, so I did not guess anything. “I will enjoy the atmosphere of this race, meet other athletes, friends and especially the Colibri cyclists.”

D. Tušlaitė-Ragažinskiene notes that the number of bicycle buyers has increased significantly in recent years, and there are a small number of children among the participants of the MTB Bicycle Marathon.

“Most of the participants in the MTB race bring their children, even the smallest ones who join the balance bike from the age of 2-3 and get medals. This is fun. Parents are the best role models to MTB competition is one of the biggest competitions in Lithuania, but it is unfortunate that the year of the epidemic has revised the plan and we will not have three out of five stages. No, I think last year was difficult for both the sponsors and the organizers themselves. We want to believe that it will pass and in the future the organizers will be able to reach The higher the level of the race ”the cyclist titled Smile.

Registration for the largest cycling enthusiast in Lithuania closes on Wednesday. You can find more information at mtb.lt.

MTB Cycling Marathon Cup

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