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Serbia and Slovenia competed in extra time on Wednesday night, with captains Luka Doncic and Nikola Jokic combining for 60 points.

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Luka Doncic





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Slovenia finally smiled as they won (97:92), but after the match Serbia coach Svetislav Pešičius was happy with the result.

“It’s a real basketball game, a arena where a lot of people rightly support it,” Pešičius said after the match. – Both teams provided everything. It’s hard to play against Slovenia because they are a team that usually plays with four players, they have good players and even Mike Tobey. “It’s not easy to close all these holes, but I think we did well.”

“Defensive effort makes the legs difficult if you do not have enough strength in “No attack.” – We have not reached the stage yet, we missed some penalties and free kicks, but I am completely calm that our players will get into the rhythm of the game. We also lack a bit of freshness because we have trained a lot.

Doncic finished with 34 points while Jokic finished with 26 points.

“I do not want to compare them too much. They are two different players who see and understand basketball differently. They also play. In different roles, too, Pešičius spoke of the captain. – It was a good test for us to prepare, we played well. Slovenia also played well, especially Luka. But calm down and get ready for the next training session.

At the time, Slovenia coach Aleksandras Sekulić had to explain why Goran Dragić, who started the first five games, sat on the bench after five minutes and never got up again.

“Everything is fine with Goran,” Sekulic assured. – Even before the match, we agreed with the coaching staff that Goran would only play 5-6 minutes. We want him to rest so he can prepare for the next game. “We do not want unnecessary injuries.”

Despite Dragić’s short playing time, Vlatko Čančaras was happy with his team-mates’ efforts.

“Goran gives us extra energy and motivation. “Every minute he spends on the pitch is very important to us,” charanchar said.

Slovenia have a friendly against Croatia (August 20) ahead of the World Cup qualifiers. Serbia will then travel to Germany to face Italy (August 19).

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