Prigioni – Against naturalization: “I would rather lose with Argentina than win with a foreigner” / News

Pablo Prigioni condemns FIBA ​​citizenship law, but not national groups taking advantage of it.

The acquisition of Lorenzo Brown continues to be a hot topic in the basketball world, and now the famous basketball player and now Argentina coach Pablo Prigioni has spoken about it.

Pablo Prigioni

Pablo Prigioni
Location: PG
Age: 45
Height: 192 cm
Weight: 84 kg
Place of birth: Rio Tercero Argentina

Prigioni, who won the American Championship with Argentina, has a clear opinion on FIBA ​​natural law.

“It was always against naturalization and while I was in the national team it would not happen,” Prigioni told Basketball Plus. – There will not be a single alien in the group. When I was no longer in the national team and let the federation make a decision. For me personally, the national team is the purest thing.

We already have club competitions where players from around the world compete. And this is fiction. ”

“I am not against a group that does that, but I am against the law,” Prigioni said. – I want to lose with Argentina rather than win with foreigners. I do not think Lorenzo Brown felt like a Spanish shirt like (Sergio) Llull or Rudy (Fernandez). This is where the discussion ends for me.

If we do not win with our players, we have to work hard to train and that kind of thing. There is no logic here for me. ”

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