R. Breu promises surprise “We will have our own ideas at every stage of the game”

On the eve of the match, an official press conference was held, which was attended by the coach of the Lithuanian national team, Reinhold Breu.

The specialist from Germany said he was satisfied with the team’s preparation for the match.

“We are waiting for the game, I’m glad everyone is ready. We have had a lot of training and recovery over the last few days, I think we are well prepared. Everyone wants to play and it is a good situation for the coach.

We will have our ideas at every stage of the game and this is the most important thing, players should feel comfortable with them. We have a lot of conversations, both individually and as a group, about what we want to defend and attack. “But we will play against opponents, they will be strong and it will not be easy, but we want to win the game.”

In this national team, Lithuania has more than one young player, and according to R. Breu, it is important to have a new face in the national team.

“I am very happy for the younger generation, there are some football players who have potential, it is always good to have a fresh team. We have to play with our experienced players, we need them, but it’s well balanced and I think we will have it.

All in all, I’m happy with the situation, we have two players in each role, which is very important because we will have to play 180 minutes in the future, it will be difficult, especially between games. “The quality is really good in the team and if we need to change something we will be able to do it calmly so I am very happy,” said the German.

He did not want to say how many points in two games would be positive, but he reiterated that his team Always fighting to win.

“My goal is always to win games. I want to get six points after two games, but everyone knows how that has happened in the last few years, especially in the last four games. “Some people may think a draw can be a success … but we talk to the players, the players want to win the game, I want the same.”

Faroe Islands national team will finish third in the group after reaching the draw, however, R. Breu does not think the opponent is just a defender, according to him, the guests will try to take advantage of the change. To attack. Standard.

“Opponents should work hard in the defense but also find success in quick attacks and defensive pieces. But Faroe Islands can play football, they can play with the ball, the character of the team is completely different from 10 years ago. “And they can be very dangerous.”

September schedule for the Lithuanian national team

September 22 (Thursday) at 9:45 pm Lithuania – Faroe Islands (LFF Stadium, live broadcast via VOA).

September 25 (Sunday) 9:45 pm Luxembourg – Lithuania (Live on VOA).

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