Received favorable information regarding Eurobasket 2025

Author: Krepš

Poles have a new opportunity to enjoy: they have good news about Eurobasket 2025

FIBA Photo

The Polish national team, which has become the subject of the 2022 European Basketball Championship and is vying for a bronze medal against Germany on Sunday in Berlin, will play the Eurobasket in front of its fans after Three years. Krepšinis.ltAs reported by the Polish TVP Sport on Saturday, the European Division of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) has decided to give Poland the right to host one of the 2025 European Basketball Championship team matches. . This automatically means that the Polish national team also gets a ticket to the European Basketball Championship. 2025, which will be done on the same principle as the last three times. The 24 teams will be divided into four of six teams, and the top four teams from each team will continue their fight in the Playoffs. It has already been announced that Latvia, Finland and Cyprus will host any team and now Poland has joined them. The qualifiers will be held in Riga, the capital of Latvia. Poland has hosted two European Championships so far. This was in 1963 and 2009. Of course, then the neighboring country hosted the entire tournament and now it will only host one team. It is not yet clear which Polish city will host the tournament – Krakow and Gliwice have been mentioned. Up by Russia in this. The country has changed drastically. We remind you that this Sunday, the French and Spanish national football teams will face each other to win the gold medal of the 2022 European Championships. The Slovenians did not defend their position, losing to the aforementioned Paul. In the quarter-finals, which later fell to the semi-finals. It should be noted that the 2023 World Basketball Championships, which will be held in the Philippines, Indonesia and Japan, did not qualify Without overcoming the obstacles of the qualifiers.

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