Rent in Nida: Do you know what you want?

Rent in Nida: Optional

In Nida you can find a variety of accommodation options – single rooms (from private landlords), hotels, apartments or private homes, guesthouses or lodges, and even campsites. The latter is a hobby for those looking for competition. However, any of these options should be researched in advance. Nida is not big, so the rental options available are quickly captured, especially the shops that are popular with guests in the city and especially this season. Ričardas Petrikauskas, founder of a favorite vacation home “Nidas gaiva” when asked how long before you should start looking and booking a room, said it depends very much on the season. “Of course, summer is the most popular holiday season when there are the most visitors to Nida, so you should book a room for this time as soon as possible. Some did it almost half a year ago. In such cases, there is a greater chance of getting what you like and fit. In addition, you can save money by renting in advance. Because of the last accommodation in Nida, when there are only a few rental options left in the whole city, it is usually more expensive. ”, R. Petrikauskas, the remaining landlord, shares his advice.

Rent in Nida: Convenient location

Nida is becoming more and more popular every year. And not for nothing. There is something to do here for solo travelers, couples, family or just a group of friends. The uniqueness of the sea and the swamps, the uniqueness of the architecture, the charm of nature and the many attractions attract visitors from all over – both Lithuanian and foreign. Also, many interesting events are held here every year – literary discussions, art exhibitions, forums, festivals, watching movies. Lithuanian vacationers ignore them.

On the other hand, after spending a vacation in Nida when leaving, everyone wants to not only have a good rest, have fun, but also want to buy some weird souvenirs – amber. You can create your own talisman at the Mizgirai Amber Gallery, and amber ornaments can be purchased at local souvenir shops. Do not leave Nida without the Curonian Spit symbol: wool or linen, wood or silver, yellow ornaments. Both entertainment and shopping are important for vacationers. And what could be better than renting a cabin in Nida, which is close to the best places in the resort? “Nidas gaiva” vacation home – in the center of Nida, near the most popular place for vacationers.

“Nidas gaiva” vacation home provides everything you need for a vacation

Although it is possible to choose a hotel in Nida, guests in the city prefer to choose a room that is as cozy as home. In the rest of the house “Nidas gaiva” you will find everything you need – from a comfortable bed to home appliances so you can feel at home. What’s more, this vacation home is located in the center of Nida, so you can easily and quickly reach all views and the sea. And to get to know Nida better, an extra service is offered after staying at the rest of the house “Nidas gaiva” – renting a bike. The friendly hosts will give you a warm welcome, ensure a good rest, advise and advise what to do in Nida. So you will want to come back here again and again!

If you have not tried it yet, be sure to try the rest of the house “Nidas gaiva”. Advance reservations are possible by calling (8-633) 12222 or emailing. Via The most important thing is to know what you want from your vacation and what kind of rental in Nida you want. If it is high quality, comfortable and cozy, then the rest of the house “Nidas gaiva” will give it for sure.

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