Round 1: The mental load drops even the strongest.

Celebration. Pablo Jose Borja Duarte ripped off “Babrungo” ‘s yellow shirt and successfully jumped into his teammate’s arms to celebrate the shock. In the 92nd minute, the strong team from Paraguay, who scored in Alytus’ “Dainavas” goal, was happy with the draw with the leader of the champions. The referee evaluated his actions with a yellow card and his teammates immediately caught the ball and took it to the center of the field. Soon with the countdown timer to the last second, Plungi kicked a corner kick that ended with another “Babrung” Shuto Asan winner. The home team, away from the top players, won the aerial match against Dainava’s defense and took the lead into the goal – 2: 1.

Before the emotional atomazga, Alytis had a great opportunity to strengthen the foundations of their victory. Peter Ademo, who gave the visitors the lead in the first half, scored in the 73rd minute. Standing 11 meters but could not beat goalkeeper “Babrung” Maycon.

Losing three points for the second straight round could cost the singer a lot of money. Although Alytis still top the table with 49 points, Kėdainiai “Nevėžis” is on their heels.

Delay. They were predictable, but in the 23rd round Kedai lost 2 points to face Mažeikiai “Atmosfera”. The relentless meeting at Mazeikiai ended in a 2: 2 draw. As in Plunge, more and more headline-grabbing guests are the first to speak. Striker Nika Toklikišvili scored twice in the first half with almost the same kick from inside the penalty area. Three minutes. Given the taste of scoring, the Kartvelian have already scored five goals in their last three games. The home side responded with a shot from Yusupha Haule in the 30th minute and Dovydas Janson scored a point with another counterattack at the end of the match.

After this round, “Nevėžis” have 47 points, but they can already beat “Dainava” on Saturday if they win the postponed match of the 18th round in Vilnius against the local BFA.

The men of Marijampolė jumped from number five to number three. The Suvalkies were also nervous to face the outside team of Gargždų League “Banga” B. According to the usual scenario in the 23rd round, the satisfied players showed their superiority immediately: 6 minutes. Kiyomoto Hiroya did well and 10 minutes. Ilja Tsyvilka, an experienced Belarusian, showed his charm from a distance. However, Ignas Venckus, who ran out on the grass after the break, messed up the guest card. 22-year-old striker, 52 minutes. Achieved an 11-meter penalty in 66 minutes. Restored balance – 2: 2. After tasting the cold shower, the Marijampolians woke up and attacked. One of them is 83 minutes. After a terrible mistake by goalkeeper Pijaus Petkevičius, Brazilian Higor converted a goal – 3: 2.

Marijampolė City have 43 points on their tally, but both clubs have overtaken Marijampolė – Kaunas “Be1 NFA” (42 points) and Klaipėda “Neptūnas” (41) for the 23rd round on October 12. Number of “Be1 NFA football players” participating in youth team camp.

Make up for it. “Panevėžys” doubles as from the most desirable opponents to the least satisfied. In the first part of the championship, Panevėžys, who did not manage to count the losses, recently attacked their opponents one by one. This weekend, Vilnius’ pair “galgiris” are convinced of the strength of young Panevėžys B. Vilnius’s 7 minutes after Jakub Sylvester. In front, after a penalty kick, but after missing the end of the match, they made their own mistake at the end of the match and immediately after they scored another goal and achieved a result of 1: 3.

With their sixth win in their last seven matches, Panevėžys reached the top eight with 27 points. Galgiris are 11th with 25 points. “Ekranas” of Panevėžys, one step higher, even lost 0: 3 to the local “Minija” in Kretinga. The last team is consistently running from the bottom of the table, 4 points ahead of “Banga” B and only 1 point behind “Garliava” who established themselves in 14th place.

In the capital Garliaviškai shared each point (0: 0) with “Riteriai” B. Another Vilnius 11 – BFA even won twice of “Šiauliai” 5: 1 at home.


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