Students of Panevėžys Sports Center participate in cycling competition – AINA

Last week, students at the Panevėžys Sports Center participated in two cycling races where they won prizes.

A youth cycling race was held in Mosėdė (Skuodo district) to win the Lithuanian Cyclist Championship. Svetlana Pauliukaitė, a European, World and Olympic contestant. The race is also dedicated to the memory of worthy cycling coach Alfons Lenkis. The competition lasted for two days, one of which was a singles match and the other was a tournament. As a group. Dovydas Činga finished third in the boys’ singles start. In the team race, Deimantė Zelenauskaitė also won third place in the women’s team.

On Sunday, the first 2022 event was held in the area around Anykščiai. The stage of the seasonal MTB marathon, in which more than 700 cyclists took part. Children from 7 to 10 years old. In the boys team, Aron Januska came in fastest and became the champion. In the boys ‘group M13 Vējas Musteikis came in second and in the girls’ age group Elžbieta Selevaitė came in third.

Anatolijus Novikovas and Tomas Usevičius are preparing athletes from Panevėžys for the tournament.

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