“Sūduva-Mantinga” does not change its goal: “We have a new team” / News

The new “7bet-NKL” season starts on October 6th, so the team has already started their preparations. Among them is “Sūduva-Mantinga” from Marijampole.

Before the start of the season NKLyga.lt Invite you to the new favorite team of the league – “Sūduva-Mantinga”.

Failed in the final. Last year, Marijampolians “7bet-NKL” was hard to stop Strength – They finished No. 1 in the regular season with 32 wins and six losses, beating Šakių “Vytis” 3-0 in the semi-finals in the semi-finals where they face Kaunas r. “Atletu” but in the final 73:77 after a fierce battle they had to recognize the superiority of the “Garžgda” team, which eventually went to the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL).

However, in 2015-2016 and 2016-2017, coach Marius Kiltinavičius, who brought the title to Marijampolė this season, will not leave the club with the bitterness of the last game lost. Marius Kiltinavičius, who has extended his one-year contract, will try to climb to the top again this season, but this time in form. The changing face of the team.

Scattered cores. Marijampolė’s side suffered heavy losses in the off-season. “Sūduvos-Mantinga” has left “Sūduvos-Mantinga” បំផុតarūnas Beniūšis’s most useful players, the Aurimas Urbonas recognized as six symbols and major basketball players such as Lukas Aukštikalnis, Ignas Labutis , Edvinas Jezukevičius and Aurimas Kisa

“I’m happy that both Aurimas and Šarūnas went to LKL. I’m very happy for those guys to get to a higher level. I’m happy too. “I feel sorry for Lukas Aukštikalnis who left for Romania”, – about the departed leader NKLyga.lt Kiltinavičius told the website.

“I think this team is good, even though we lost a lot, but very few players remain.” We wanted to save some players and we worked hard for that. Some are easier, some are harder. They will help newcomers to adapt, ”Kiltinavičius discussed off-season work.

The Marijampolė team managed to rescue four players: Evaldas Dziaugis, Tautvydas Kliučinikas, Žygimantas Šimonis and Justas Nausėdas.

In addition, two young defenders from Marijampole remain at the club for another season, 16-year-old Augustas Merkys and 18-year-old Ainoras Rapolavičius.

New income group. However, “Sūduvos-Mantingai” needed reinforcement, so six new entrants joined the group. Even three of them were rivals last season from ក្លឹបakiai club “Vyčio”. These are Aurelijs Pukelis (average 15.4 points, 8.8 rebounds per game), Marijus Užupis (11.9 points, 5.2 rebounds per game) and Paulius Beliavičius (10.1 points, 4, trans. 4 res. ).

“When you lose a lot of players, you look for all possibilities and options. We really have a new team. Now we have to get in shape, but I’m happy. And ។akiai all three are very interesting for us and I’m glad they came to us. They are basketball players who have played in this league for a long time. Many years have already shown their value, ”Marius Kiltinavičius explained the decision to attract លេងakii experienced players.

Also, the ranking of Marijampolians was added in 2020-2021. Domantas Vilys, who works with Kiltinavičius in Nevėžys in Kėdainias, 20-year-old striker Henrikas Kalnius from the Regional Basketball League (RKL) and 31-year-old Viktors Iljins, the team’s only team From Latvia.

“Iljins is an experienced player who can read all basketball situations. He knows how to shoot and play under the basket. There are not many options in the market of high players, so we are glad we can invite him – the strategist of the team Marijampolė talked about this newcomer. – Domantas Vilys is a hungry player who is still trying to prove his worth. He agreed to take a step back so he could take two steps later. I have a lot of faith in him. ”

Goals of the season. “Sūduvos-Mantinga”, which was just a win away from last season’s coveted title, has a clear goal for this year.

“The goal is to win the league. We understand that it will not be easy, but we have to set ourselves the highest goal – Kiltinavičius asserts. – We started playing sports a little slower than others. So far, the main focus has been on fitness training. We trained a few times in the gym, but we already played a friendly match with Vilnius “Ryta-2”. Now Increasingly We will go to the gym and play basketball. ”

First official The new season “7bet-NKL” will be played by Marijampolė on October 6. With Kaunas r. “Athletes.”

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