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Tautvydas Sležas, who participated in the youth system of “Žalgiris” Kaunas, praised the Balkan basketball school.

Basketball expert and coach Tautvydas Šležas, who joined the Kaunas ប្រព័ន្ធalgiris “youth system that summer, already has time to warm up his feet to train with the youth from Žalgiris.

Tautvydas Šležas

Tautvydas Šležas
Location: C
Age: 32
Height: 208 cm
Weight: 110 kg
Place of birth: Kaunas, Lithuania

The former professional basketball player has become a new guest on “galgiris Insider” with co-host “Žalgiris TV” Rytis Kazlauskas talking about Šlež joining Žalgiris “Youth Development and Kaunas for the upcoming season. .

“You always want to work, you want to improve and gain knowledge. I called my friend Vytautas Pliaugas and asked if he would accept me for a month internship – Šležas said. – After talking to him I got permission I also talked to Gediminas Navickas. “We spent that month well and had a good relationship with the team, so after a month and a half we decided to continue working.”

Having played in Spain’s second and highest divisions during his career and later working in the structure of the newly formed Ibiza club, Schležas saw the local talent development system up close. Now specialists working with the young basketball prospects of our country have compared the educational programs of young basketball players in Lithuania and Spain.

“There is more freedom, more creativity, but we have more. WonderingLithuania’s coolness is better when it comes to basketball IQ more. More attention is paid to simple situations. The interviewer explained that in Spain more work is being done on positive innovation, which is not always necessary. Attitudes are also very different. The Spaniards are a large nation that does not suffer much, does not suffer much trauma, and does not feel “victimized”. It is true that the “skin” of youth is changing here. If you go to both basketball schools, they are both very good at organizing each player. “However, I really like the Balkan basketball school, which is a mix of the two schools.”

In the second part of the podcast “Žalgiris Insider” Šležas discusses the whole composition of the Kaunas “Žalgiris” group that has met for the new season. Starting the discussion with Keenan Evans, the interviewer appreciated the signing of the attacker.

“I still remember Keenan Evans two seasons with Bosnia and Herzegovina Igokea Aleksandrovac. The player is very interesting and he is going from shadow to light. He definitely wants to be a key player in the team that wants to return to the Playoffs. “Of course he came and there is no so-called green blood. He is not a Lithuanian, so it is important that he does not shut down this season if something goes wrong,” Šležas said.

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