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Selection of “Zalgiris” dancers took place in Kaunas.

2022-2023 This season, basketball fans will not only have a new main group of “Žalgiris” Kaunas, but also a rising dance group of “Žalgiris”.

In early September, many Lithuanian champion dancers invited all interested girls to an audition held in the training hall of the “Žalgiris” arena and showcasing their abilities.

The girls who want to be “Zalgiris” dancers first have to show their one minute long dance and then all the girls along with the old “Zalgiris” dancers start learning new dances.

The selection was very successful – all the girls who participated in the selection were invited to continue training and wear the costumes of the dancer “Žalgiris”.

“We are recruiting new dancers because last season has shown that the injuries and busyness of the girls have slowed down and we often can not dance with the whole group in the Žalgiris arena.” So we are glad that strong girls have gathered for the selection, said Diana Gandrimė, choreographer of “Žalgiris”. One selection and one stage will suffice.

Although all the girls went through the selection process and will have the opportunity to perform in the “Žalgiris” arena during the basketball game, many of the girls immediately stood up and attracted the attention of the team manager.

“The whole training session seemed like a lot of fun, I felt a lot of support from all the girls, both newcomers and those who were already dancing in Zalgiris’ main group. I really liked the energetic atmosphere. Happy. I came with confidence and when the coach asked who wanted to dance first, I immediately volunteered. Maybe my courage Adding a point, “Eva, who performed well in recruiting” galgiris “dancers, shared her impressions.

Miglė dancers who have been making “Žalgiris” fans happy for over a year are also happy with the growing band.

“I did not participate in this selection. I tasted the bread twice, so I understand that women who are scared . However, it’s really nice to have so many great girls join us as we look forward to the new season. We always talk to the girls that our relationship with each other is also reflected on stage, so we have to constantly talk, support each other and then we will look stronger in the Žalgiris arena. “.

Along with the new dancers, basketball fans can also look forward to new dance songs and more good mood during the game.

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