The French Basketball Federation has issued an official statement regarding Heurtel’s situation.

If Thomas Heurtel makes his debut for Zenit St. The Petersburg defender will not be able to represent France in international competitions, including the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Thomas Heurtel has officially signed a contract with Zenit St. Petersburg. Petersburg on Wednesday, despite an agreement with the French Basketball Federation.

Thomas Heurtel

Thomas Heurtel
Location: PG, SG
Age: 33
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 91 kg
Place of birth: France

Following the news, the French Basketball Federation itself issued an official statement.

“Although our Basketball Federation has been informed that Thomas has links with foreign clubs, including Russian clubs, we have never received any information about the players’ deal with Zenit. At the beginning of the EC camp, the players signed an agreement that the basketball player promised not to sign a contract with a Russian or Belarusian club.

If this player first appears in the shirt of the Russian club, he will violate the agreement. “In this case, the defense will no longer meet the criteria we select for international competitions, including the 2024 Paris Olympics.”

Heurtel represented Real Madrid last season, but the Frenchman has not played almost half of this year due to disciplinary reasons. The club later decided to say goodbye to the player.

At the European Championships, the defender won a silver medal with Pracuzia. The Frenchman averages 10.4 points and 7.1 assists per game and is one of the team’s most important players.

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