The Lithuanians who organized the Golden Parade at the European Basketball Championship were not stopped by the Spaniards.

The first point of the match was scored by Mantas Laurenčikas, the Lithuanian national team striker, but the Spanish basketball players responded with their productive attacks and took a 7: 4 lead.

The Lithuanians increased the pace and led 15:11 in the middle of the quarter.

8 minutes. Nedas Raupelis extended Lithuania’s lead to seven points (22:15) with a superb shot from just under the basket, and after the first quarter Lithuania took a 24:15 lead.

In the second half, Lithuania’s advantage increased even more. 13 minutes. After three points of Kaspars Jakučionis, Lithuania lead 32:21.

18 minutes. K. Jakučionis hit another long strike and M. Laurenčikas added a 15-point advantage (44:29) with a shot from just under the basket.

At the last minute of the second half, the team changed the attack effectively and in the middle of the meeting, Lithuania took the lead 46:32.

However, in the second half of the match, the Spaniards showed their character and posed a serious challenge to the Lithuanians. 24 minutes Mario Saint-Supery, the captain of the Spanish national team, hit three points immediately added two points and the lead Lithuanian face melted with digits (48:39).

Indeed, in the first half, M. Laurenčikas scored five points in a row and lowered the Spaniards’ heat before the final Lithuanians took a 59:49 lead.

The fourth quarter turned into a real battle between M. Laurenčik and M. Saint-Supery. The Lithuanians started the first half with a shot from the bottom of the box by M. Laurenčikas, but M. Saint-Supery scored seven points in a row and Lithuania’s advantage melted to five points (61:56).

M. Laurenčikas also provided his answer, and after his four-point break, Lithuania extended their lead (65:58). 35 minutes. After N. Raupelis’ shot, Lithuania took a 70:61 lead, but the Spaniard, who played well in defense, scored six points in a row and reduced the deficit to three (70:67).

However, the Spaniard was not destined to win the gold. At the last minute of the match, the Lithuanians played cooler, created a confident throw, increased their advantage, and finally celebrated a great victory by winning the match 77:68.

M. Laurenčikas scored 26 points, N. Raupelis 16 points and K. Jakučionis 15 points. The latter also had 11 recoveries.

M. Saint-Supery scored 31 points in the Spanish national team. The Spaniard also has eight assists, three assists and four assists.

The Lithuanian national football team has won a gold medal at the European Youth Championship after a 14-year wait. The last time Lithuania won the U-16 Championship was in 2008.

At the European Championships in Skopje, the capital of northern Macedonia, the Lithuanian boys’ national football team, coached by Tomas Purlis, won all the matches they played. In this group, Lithuania defeated France 73:41, defeated the Netherlands 80:73 and defeated Israel 98:69.

In the round of 16, Lithuania defeated the Danish basketball team 97:48 and in the quarterfinals after overtime they defeated the Turkish representative 79:68.

In the semi-finals of the championship, the talented young Lithuanian basketball players beat their teammates from Greece 77:61 and advanced to the finals.

This summer is the third final of the Lithuanian national basketball team in the youth championship. In the past, the Lithuanian U-20 national team has won silver and the U-18 women’s team has won gold medals. And in every final, Lithuania met Spain.

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