The portal offers not only schedules and information, but also special opportunities for fans.

Kazys Maksvytis prepares with an undefeated national team and a huge weight falls on their shoulders – Lithuania has already missed out on a medal and the 2022 European Basketball Championship is a great opportunity to get them .

“Eurobasket 2022” has already started on September 1st and fans are well aware that endless exciting games are waiting for them.

However, how to not get lost in the information and deepen your knowledge not only of Lithuania but also of all national teams? The portal has a good solution for this.

New ideas during each championship This time the portal presents the sub-page “Eurobasket 2022” where every basketball fan will find everything they can.

Breaking news, easy schedules, the ability to see results and statistics quickly and easily is just what we offer.

“I congratulate everyone on getting a basketball vacation. This is going to be one of the most exciting championships in the last few years, so I’m glad that on this occasion we are able to offer our readers a quality that is not inferior to the NBA players landing for Eurobasket 2022 duels. During each championship, we strive to create a comprehensive and easy-to-use product that allows you to keep track of the hottest information and deepen your knowledge at the same time. On our page, basketball fans will be able to prepare for the game in the same way as the national team itself, you will find the most necessary information about the opponent, you will see how the teams of other teams are doing. Martynas Suslavičius, Editor-in-Chief of the Department of Information and Sports. “Live” tools that are already highly rated by readers will allow you to follow everything instantly and our journalists will also provide their insights. When K. Maksvytis thinks about mistakes and the best players after the game. Readers will also be able to rate the performance of basketball players – for me this is one of the most interesting additions on our page. And the icing on the cake is the hottest news directly from Germany. I invite you all to join me and I wish the Lithuanian national team all the gold medals. Together! ”

In the sub-pages of the 2022 European Basketball Championships, fans can also prepare for expert insights with friends around the table – Prepared details of each team to make the game more interesting to watch.

You will find it in the “From the Tribune” section. Observations and insights of sports journalists about what is happening in or around the European Championships.

However, one of the biggest surprises of the European Championships was the opportunity to evaluate every player of the Lithuanian national team and coach K. Maksvytis. In the “Evaluate Groups” portal Fans will be invited to evaluate the team after each match.

“Welcome to the new season, we try to pay more attention to the user experience in the projects we create. Pages dedicated to the European Basketball Championship are no exception. In it we try to provide the most relevant information. To Basketball Fans: We display live results of all matches for those who are unable to view all matches, we provide detailed statistics of players and teams. We display information in a way that is easy for any user to Access it and basketball lovers will feel like they are in the whirlwind of events while browsing our page. Since I myself have been a basketball fan since childhood, I am very happy that the page This year is comprehensive and engages with its features. ” IT Manager Giedrius Kvakšys.

To 2022 European Basketball Championship Sent a strong team – experienced journalists – photographer Gintaras Šiuparis, who during each shoot can also tell about the basketball player’s personal style of play, as well as his journey with Kaunas “Žalgiris” and the winner Laurynas Ribaks Winter Olympics. That moves well on the field with the ball.

“Fans miss the highest level of international basketball, so expectations for the national team also increase. At the European Championships we will try to present hot news related not only to the Lithuanian national team, but also to the other participants of the tournament. Of course, the focus is on the students of K. Maksvytis, so on the portal. L. Ribakas said you will see an exclusive interview with the players, the time of the match and what is left behind the scenes. The portal invites basketball fans to set up their camp precisely on our sub-page and enjoy every moment and leave their comments on the Sports Department Facebook account.

For our part, we hope that we will be able to report on the medals of the Lithuanian national team and that the 2022 Eurobasket will inspire our journalist L. Ribakas in preparation for the upcoming Amsterdam Marathon.

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