The most difficult competition of the year awaits MTB riders in Ignalina –

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MTB Photo by Živiles Kavaliauskienė.

Karolina Mickevičiūtė-Juodišienė, representatives of OSK “Fortūna” and Eimantas Gudiškis, leader of “Colibri Cycling”, won the first round held in June in Anykščiai. Last weekend, the next winner became Lithuania’s MTB marathon champion, overtaking its nearest rival. He finished in 6.36 seconds in the 72-kilometer event.

“I made a mistake and all the matches did not go according to the program I wanted and favorable. After the first thigh, I felt unwell, tired and exhausted. I rode far from the front, I had to stop several times because the front rider made a mistake that forced me to get off the bike – E. Gudiškis said. When I arrived at an unequal place, I tried to attack because my technique was adapted. I was able to finish the job and then I realized I had to keep working as a driver to the end and try “Keep the speed steady.”

The athlete is rehabilitating as a way for last year when the national championships were held during During the MTB bicycle marathon cup in Ignalina. Then ours is only 6.5 seconds. Descended to the Estonian Peeters Pruus. E. Gudiškis returns to Ignalina with the goal of winning or helping a teammate to win.

“If you are racing, the goal is always the maximum, either my victory or the victory of the team members. We will try to repeat the success. Last year I finished second, so this year I want to perform a little better and repeat the scenario of Anykščiai “E. Gudiškis, whose biggest challenge in the Anykščiai stage is his teammate is Justinas Biekša.

The stage of the MTB Cycling Marathon Cup differs from the others in that it is the most physically demanding because of the long distance cyclists in the race. Participants can compete by competing from one to three distances. One round is 26 km, the sum of the climbs is 320 meters.

“Ignalina course stands out for having the most and longest shifts of the MTB Marathon Cup stage. It is not easy here, I do not expect easy competition. One of the most interesting songs, it is always fun to compete. ”- E. Gudiškis

The 21st season event takes place this year in three Lithuanian cities: the final stage will take place in Vilnius on September 11. Registration for the second phase in Ignalina ends today. More information –

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