The only scandal was in the Lithuanian match

Author: Mindaugas Augustis, especially for Delfi from Berlin,

On the other side of the barrier, Dejan Bodiroga, who became president of the EuroLeague this week, raises hopes of ending the old continental basketball war. But even though the manager of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) hopes to get the Euroleague through the “window” of the national team, still does not mention the referee. Krepšinis.ltRepresentatives of Turkey, Italy, France and Lithuania have spoken publicly about the level of dissatisfaction of referees at the European Championships, which end on Sunday. In the case of the Turks and Lithuanians, there was not only verbal abuse, but also of officials. Arbitration protests have been raised not only at the national team level, but also at the federal level. But it seems that FIBA ​​is still deaf to all requests, demands and deadlines. At a press conference held in Berlin on the last day of the FIBA ​​European Championships, European leaders did not promise any change in the selection of referees. This time, there was no more judgment than the previous championship, and there were several similar speeches a year. 2015. There are a lot of stars playing in this game, there are a lot of expectations, it is normal to have a lot of stress that starts Explosion, but I do not say the referee is bad, especially in the Playoffs. The only difference is that the influence of the social space in our lives has greatly increased, and when there is a discussion there, everyone gets the impression that there is a terrible problem. ” The 55-year-old Czech claimed. The match between Lithuania and Germany, when the referee gave a technical error to the Germans, forgot the free kick that belonged to them. I do not understand at all how such a mistake can be made, because in that particular situation not only the judge who has to intervene but also the commissioner. It cast a shadow over the whole referee in the championship and later became the talk of the town. The job of the referee: A completely different error occurred in the match between Turkey and Georgia that I personally watched In Tbilisi. But other than these two cases, everything else is just a normal complaint of the loser. Unfortunately, I can assure you that there will be no match without the referee’s fault as the players are at fault in each of them. “But we do our best to reduce the number of mistakes, we train our referees,” K. Novakas said. Admitted there, FIBA ​​was dissatisfied with the referee at the start of the championship, which is why. “They changed their instructions during the game.” At the beginning of the match, the referee communicated more with the players and the coach. But we know it did not help and then there was less communication, “noted the FIBA ​​European CEO. During the press conference, he was twice directly asked why. Euroleague referees can not work in the Championship. The explanation given by K. Novak is that it does not exist. During the “window” of the qualifiers that coincides with the EuroLeague tour, so they can not. “Whistle” in the final stages of the match as well. Ček also claimed he did not understand why FIBA ​​referees were considered inferior to their colleagues from the EuroLeague, although this was Clearly stated by the national rankings compiled in the country. ”I do not know what you mean by evaluation – we do not have any. The referees worked in the championships, judging the best teams in the national league of their country, having worked in both the World Championships and the Olympics. I want you to see what kind of referee reports are prepared after each match – 15 pages in length, touching on every nuance. “Believe me, serious work is being done on the evaluation and selection of referees, there are certain criteria that we rely on.” The track of the referee – it should be especially uncomfortable for the Turks, considering the fact that the FIBA ​​biggest critic is his successor as President of the Turkish Basketball Federation Hidayet Turkoglu. However, T. Demirel has voiced his willingness to make changes in the Euroleague – this week the Spaniard Jordi Bertomeu, who has led the prestigious continental club tournament for 22 years, has been replaced by Serbian basketball hero Dejan Bodiroga, the new CEO, has become American Marshall Glickman. In the past, D. Bodiroga was a member of the FIBA ​​European Board of Directors and Chairman of the Competition Commission. At one time, he was nominated as a potential candidate for the position of FIBA ​​European President. Therefore, FIBA ​​Camp hopes that more favorable individuals will sit at the table in the near future, “perhaps we will be able to announce soon.” In the “window” of the selection competition. Delphi When asked to clarify his meaning, Turkey did not say anything definite. “We can continue discussions with the new manager of the Euroleague. I hope we can achieve a positive result. I immediately congratulate D. Bodiroga on his new position. He is the real face of European basketball. He has a lot of experience in his career and knows everything about basketball down to the last detail. European national teams and clubs will definitely be mentioned. We remind you that the veil will be drawn in the match. European Championship in Berlin on Sunday with the last two games .. From 6:15 pm in Lithuania, Germany and Poland compete for Third place will meet from 21:30, France and Spain will meet in the final.

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