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Trying to revive the elderly

Eugenijus ůzas, director of the bicycle shop and repair shop “Dvirteka” based in Panevėžys, assured that the sales of bicycles in their shop did not increase, but there was a real increase in bicycle repair orders.

“Sales have not increased compared to last summer. But I can definitely confirm that the locals are trying to revive the ancients. The man said that more and more they are using old bicycles to repair and install better quality parts. .

E. Ţaz also stressed that bicycle sales are always lower in the second half of the summer because people usually buy new bikes in the spring. “At that time, parents bought new bicycles for children, athletes continued to inventory. And at times like these, it is rare to buy. However, mountain bikes are still the most popular. I think it is because they look better, more comfortable. Of course, price is an important criterion.

Sales were up 20 percent.

Justas Povilavičius, manager of “SportoManai” bicycle shop, revealed that in the last two years, when the epidemic broke out, there was a shortage of bicycles.

“They were not brought into the store, so there must be a deficit. I think that’s why sales are up now because we can offer car options. Wider again. The increase in sales this year is really felt, but I do not know if this increase could be due to higher fuel prices. “Compared to last year, sales have increased by 20 percent.”

According to J. Povilavičius, the most important criteria for the people of Panevėžys when choosing a bike is appearance and price. “If a person can buy in large quantities, he chooses a better quality bicycle,” he said. With branded accessories.

Scooters are also popular.

Although we see a lot of people riding scooters on the streets, their sales are still growing on average. According to Topo centro CEO Remigijaus Štar, motorcycle sales are on the rise and Topo centro’s growth is over 20 percent.

“Customers who come to Topo centras to buy scooters are usually ready to invest 350-550 euros. That’s how many popular motorcycles are worth. At the same time, customers allow themselves to buy Inokim motorcycles. Influential and less expensive than usual, ”he told JP News.

Buyers looking for electric bikes

According to an interviewer in Panevėžys, the sharp increase in sales is not significant.

“Lithuanians are gradually looking for electric bikes. This year we are selling three times more than last year. Although they are more expensive than scooters, which cost 900-1300 euros, they are even more appreciated. Increased by our compatriots for their durability, safety and convenience, as well as the ability to complete the journey even when the battery runs out. Topo centro managers share the trend.

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