The world’s first solar-powered truck is on the streets of Vilnius from today

Solar truck wheels are an environmentally friendly solution for delivering IKEA products to homes. It reduces CO2 emissions by up to 95% compared to conventional trucks, diesel trucks and 65-70% compared to other electric trucks on the market.

“Sustainability is one of IKEA’s most important operating principles and strategic goals, so we strive for it in all areas, starting with product development, responsible resource utilization and ending with operational operations. By being as environmentally friendly as possible, defining our work principles and equipment selection, so finding and implementing green innovations for final mileage transport is a natural step. ”Edgaras Valentukevičius “IKEA says delivering orders for solar bikes will not only allow us to contribute to a cleaner environment, but also be more flexible in the city center, which is more accessible to people.”

This summer is a test for solar-powered trucks. This year, small orders made in the IKEA online store weighing up to 30 kg per order will be shipped in the center of Vilnius, up to 10 km from the IKEA store. It is planned that next year the innovative device will be able to deliver 10 to 20 orders per day, and customers will be able to choose their own delivery. This will provide more flexibility and opportunities for buyers to contribute to a cleaner environment.

The wheels have a cargo box the size of a euro banknote. The maximum weight it can carry is 150 kg. It will be possible to distribute almost 60 percent in the green way. IKEA product range.

Self-charging devices are our future.

Solar truck wheels were developed by the Dutch company Need The Globe and called it SunRider. In Europe, it is one of the pioneers of such solutions. Their vision is to create innovations that encourage as many people as possible to ride electric bikes using clean energy.

“Electric vehicles have made significant advances in reducing global carbon emissions, but most of the electricity needed to charge their batteries is produced using fossil fuels, so CO2 is still released into the atmosphere.” The special feature of this truck is that it can be charged automatically using clean solar energy. Solar panels provide an average of 65-70 percent. Chris van Houdt, co-founder of Solar Truck, says of the amount of charge needed for daily distribution, and on a sunny day it can increase to 100 percent.

Photo of manufacturer / Cargo solar bike

Photo of manufacturer / Cargo solar bike

He believes that the inclusion of solar panels in buses, bicycles and buildings will only continue to grow in popularity. In the future, more and more vehicles and other objects will appear, batteries that will be fully charged or at least partially powered by clean energy.

“Ensuring sustainable and cost-effective delivery services while meeting customer expectations is a challenge. Businesses are constantly looking for more efficient means of transportation and delivery of goods. Solar truck wheels are a sustainable transportation solution that reduces fossil fuel consumption and is another step towards the future of self-charging devices. In addition, this bike offers more mobility and it is easier to find a place to park it in the city. “The operation of solar-powered bicycles is also simpler: it does not depend on the power grid, there is no need to change the batteries,” said Chris van Houdt.

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