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To ensure that the first spring trip with the bike is not sour and safe and enjoyable, every bike owner must prepare his bike for the trip and carry out a thorough technical inspection of the vehicle. Lidl says checking that every part of the bike is working as it should is not difficult. Of course, this work is greatly facilitated by a special set of bicycle repair and maintenance tools. You can buy it now in all Lidl stores.

When you open the tool box easily and compactly, you will see wrenches of various sizes, special tools for unscrewing spokes, a wrench for unscrewing star nuts, a pedal wrench, mounting tools and even a tricycle jack. With this set of tools on hand, you can easily perform professional bike inspections.

However, the suit with the different parts is so large that it is not easy to take it with you when traveling – however, difficulties arise unexpectedly. Lidl also offers a small test bike kit that is attached under the wheel pads. Made of waterproof and tear-resistant fabric, this device will accompany you with respect to every trip, and the universal folding tool and hose repair kit will help you solve the most common problems that bother bike owners.

I have the equipment, but what do I need to do now?

Many wheelchairs have a special purpose, so first use a wrench to unscrew and fix the wheelchair. If the cover is worn out, treat yourself and your bike to a new Crivit viscoelastic seat cover or Medicus foam sofa.

Second, adjust the wheel rails and the entire brake system using special tools. Lidl points out that both of these jobs are essential because not only the quality of the bike depends on them, but also the safety of you and other road users.

Photo LIDL /

Photo LIDL / “MEDICUS” with foam

In the larger wheel kit, you will also find a wrench. Make sure the wheel chain is not too loose – this part is too long, so do not delay and replace it with a new one. Of course, the chain should not be too hard, as this can make riding difficult. In this case, clean the chain thoroughly with a special cleaning tool and lubricate it with Parkside chain oil.

Do not forget to take care of the tires as well: Check for air holes in the tires, plug them in, check the pressure with a manometer if more air is needed. A small air pump that can be attached directly to the wheel frame will be useful for this. Also check the hardness of the stove – wheels that are harder to control and do not ride straight can indicate too loose a spokes.

The wheels are moving – are you ready for it?

If you have easily prepared your bike for the new cycling season, ask yourself the question, am I prepared for a fun ride? Lidl Retail Chain notes that every bike owner must pay extra attention to his or her own safety and that of other road users.

Mark the wheels with the necessary reflectors and lights. According to the latest version of the Road Traffic Act, the wheels must have red lights or red reflectors on the rear, and on either side of the wheels must have orange reflectors, which are usually attached to the grooves. When driving on the lane, cyclists must wear light-colored vests with reflective elements, and the wheels must have white lights at the front and red lights at the rear.

Lidl also reminds cyclists that they must always wear a helmet. Cyclists must also wear helmets, for example, small children in specially adapted seats. Also, do not use your phone while cycling – instead use a comfortable bicycle case with clear windows, stop in a safe place and get off your bike when you need to use your phone.

LIDL Photo / Smartphone Case for Bicycle

LIDL Photo / Smartphone Case for Bicycle

The enjoyment of cycling is also enhanced by comfortable sportswear – wear clothing that does not restrict movement but is close to the skin. Avoid wearing wind-blown dresses or skirts that could get caught in a chain or bicycle.

Since cycling is considered a separate sport, choose Crivit Sport Pants for your ride. When the weather warms up, wear clothes longer: Wear shorts, long pants, a jacket or a thin sports shirt.

You can familiarize yourself with the range of care and repair of bicycles and sportswear products by reading the latest non-food product catalog of the Lidl chain, or find everything convenient online – travel maintenance. Safe now!

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