Top 10 “Hottest” LKL Actors –

Ignas Brazdeikis

Club – “Zalgiris” Kaunas
Height – 201 cm
Age – 23 years.

All the other basketball players on this list are strong teams, because for Lithuanians, the LKL usually becomes a tall player, it is rare to start competing in the league, becoming a famous player. Gone. I. Brazdeikis is an exception. As you know, he grew up in Canada, only last year he got his Lithuanian citizenship, and only this year, after completing all the formalities, he made his first appearance in National team. The contract with “Žalgiris” means that Ignas will be able to stay longer in his hometown and take root there.

I. Brazdeikis has not yet shown his potential in basketball. Yes, the striker’s profile includes three seasons in the NBA, but during them he could only play 64 games in the strongest league in the world. 42 of them were played last season. An average of 5 points does not seem bad, but it was collected in the second half of the season when the NBA player “Orlando Magic” shared what is called “waste time” with many people. I. Brazdeikis’ chances in European basketball would have been a complete mystery, if not for the European Championships, where the Lithuanian national team had not lost and averaged 10.7 points.

Keenan Evans (Keenan Evans)

Club – “Zalgiris”
Height – 191 cm
Age – 26 years.

Another man who has something to show for the strongest club in Europe. After his studies, K. Evans played in the NBA G League and Bosnia and Herzegovina, then he shone in Israel in the Haifa “Hapoel”. Of Tel Aviv and first appeared in the Euroleague. K. Evans was a great assistant to the management last season in Maccabi. His average in the Euroleague was 8.2 points, 3.5 assists and 10.2 utility points.

In the coming season, the defender will try to show that he can not only be a good assistant, but also a leader. “Galgiris” are keen on K. Evans, so an assistant role in Kaunas will not please the club or the players themselves.

Marcus Foster

Club – Vilnius Rytas
Height – 191 cm
Age – 27 years.

Last season, “Ryto” ‘s most important weapon in attack was midfielder Ivan Buva, and defender M. Foster is claiming to be the top scorer this season. Score perfectly. Presented by the American in the 2019-2020 season, when he represented the “Hapoel” of Holon. And scored 19.2 points in the Israeli championship. After that, there were unsuccessful attempts to gain a position in the Euroleague. M. Foster signed with Athens “Panathinaikos” collected six points in the Euroleague and was sacked after a few months. The defender spent most of last season in the NBA G League, but in May he was still able to play in Greece. For the “Promitheas” group of Patras.

Jamel Morris

Club – “Lietkabelis” of Panevėžys
Height – 193 cm
Age – 29 years.

The United States defender, who had time to play in Croatia, Poland and France, did well last season when he represented the Weisenfels “Mitteldeutscher” with 16.6 points and finished fifth among all basketball players. In the German championship related to efficiency. 42.5% of the three points thrown by J.Morris reached the target. Good statistics in a strong league (even if one of its weakest teams) allows us to expect that LKL snipers will also play a significant role.

Goran Huskic

Club – CBet of Jonavas
Height – 210 cm
Age – 30 years.

There will be more than one interesting newcomer at Jonava, for example defender Xavier Thames, who has traveled to several European countries. However, G. Huskičius achieved more than K. Teims. The midfielder from Serbia in 2020, he even won the Champions League with Burgos “San Pablo”. G. Huskičius later played four seasons in the Spanish top league, which is considered the strongest European champions. G. Huskičius averaged 11.2 points, 5.5 rebounds and 17.3 points used in the German Championship.

Javon Ivan

Club – Juventus Utena
Height – 183 cm
Age – 26 years.

The role of captain of “Juve” is predicted for another defender from the United States – Alex Hamilton (Alex Hamilton) but has already played for Utena, so he does not have a place in the starting line-up. J. Evans is impressive because he was invited to the NBA transition in 2017 with a high 39th option and made his first appearance in the top league. In two seasons, the defender visited the Los Angeles Clippers, Phoenix Suns and Oklahoma City Thunder, where he played just 56 games and scored 4.2 points. J. Evans spent a lot of time in the NBA G League and he spent very short time in Europe – last year he signed with “Promitheas” and played in Greece.

Austin Willie

Club – Klaipeda
Height – 211 cm
Age – 23 years.

O. Vilis has been called one of the most promising midfielders in the United States by winning a medal from the tournament. World champion with the country’s 17- and 19-year-old national teams. A large number of players from those national teams have already established themselves in the NBA, but O. Willis’ career has stalled. After his first season at Auburn University, it was revealed that the coach had given him money. Student union law prohibits this, so tall men are suspended for a year. Injuries later prevented the acceleration. Although last season at Auburn was not bad, O. Vilis did not hear his name in the NBA market and played in the second division of Germany last season. On the other hand, the taller player at a young age, Klaipėda, could be the right place for him to resume his career.

Marcos Delia (Marcos Delia)

Club – Vilnius-Alytus “Wolves”
Height – 209 cm
Age – 30 years.

“Wolves” is a new but ambitious club, so it is not surprising that it is represented on this list by even three newcomers to the LKL. The most accomplished player was M. Delija, who wore the Argentine shirt. For ten years in 2019, the midfielder became a world champion and played a key role in the national team. This month, M. Delia became the American champion with the national team. Lots of experience in the strong European league. He played three seasons in Spain and Italy.

Hugo Invernizzi

Club – “Wolf”
Height – 196 cm
Age – 29 years.

U. Invernicis is a successful young man and in 2016 even made his debut for the French national team, where he failed. In creating himself. The striker has put a lot of weight in recent years and his most important weapon is the long shot. Although it can not use the potential, U. Invernicis has played in the strong French championship for more than a decade and the experience gathered there should be useful for the “Wolfs” club.

Ahmad Caver (Ahmad Caver)

Club – “Wolf”
Height – 188 cm
Age – 26 years.

The defender has yet to play in Europe. After graduating, A. Kaver spent most of his career in the NBA G League, and in 2021. Signed a 10-day contract with the Indiana Pacers in December. However, the new Wolves player played just one game in the NBA Championship with two points. Although this fact is not inspiring, in Lithuania A. Kaveras immediately showed that he was determined to be a leader. In the Wolves friendly, his average score was impressive – 19.4.

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