Traffic will not be disrupted during bike repairs in Neringa

According to Remigius Lipkevičius, head of the road department, the project will be designed in a way that minimizes traffic congestion.

“The bike lane turns off the road,” he said. Once the project is prepared, a traffic management scheme will be prepared there. Designers will have to design (project – BNS) in a way that has less traffic and less interference, “R. Lipkevičius told BNS.

The Ministry of Transport has announced that in the second half of this year, two sections of the 13.5-kilometer gravel road from Smiltynė to Preila will be repaired. It is planned to repair the road surface, install lighting near the settlement and other infrastructure and complete the work by 2023.

According to R. Lipkevičius, in some places roads will be rebuilt so that special transport can reach the forest if necessary.

Neringa Mayor Darius Jasaitis says the bike lane needs to be rebuilt because in some places it is no longer there: “Some places go out after a big fire and some places are very cramped.”

“It would be better to come to Neringa by the most ecological means of transportation – bicycles.” Of course, the biggest benefits will be for our guests who want to come from Klaipėda or Juodkrantė by bike to Nida, Preila or Pervalka or vice versa, ”D. Jasaitis told BNS.

Currently, technical projects for the reconstruction of two more Smiltynės-Preila sections are also being prepared. The entire 36-kilometer section is scheduled to be repaired in a few years.

According to the Ministry of Transport, the bike path stretches through the Curonian Spit National Park, a protected area, so it will be rebuilt while protecting and conserving nature. International bicycle traffic also occurs on the road, so it aims to meet the needs of the EuroVelo European bicycle network.

As previously stated by LAKD, they can only start designing the trails if Neringa and Klaipėda agree to sign a cooperation agreement and get a decision from the city council that the city will own the road. Landscaped: Klaipėda will occupy 850 meters and Neringa will occupy about 35 kilometers of trails.

According to the mayor of Neringa, the maintenance of the trail will not require significant expenses from the city hall.

“From Nida to Pervalka we already occupied part of the bike path, so I have to say we did not have much trouble – the road was in perfect condition.” The main thing is to clean it after the storm (…) and of course cross the road. But I really can not say that these are huge costs, “D. Jasaitis told BNS.

It was previously announced that the road repair work would cost about $ 8 million. Euro. R. Lipkevičius told BNS that the number has not changed and a more accurate price will be revealed after the technical planning of the work.

The 52-kilometer bike path in the Curonian Spit connects all Neringa settlements – Smiltynė, Juodkrantė, Pervalka, Preila and Nida. The bike path from Smiltynė to Pervalka was built in 2003-2007, and sections from Pervalka and Preila to the sea – in 1978 and 1982. Since the installation, these parts have not been rebuilt, only the necessary repairs have been carried out.

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