Traveling by e-motorcycle may change completely soon: New waiting

On Wednesday, the Cabinet of Ministers approved an amendment to the Road Safety Act for vehicles on the road under consideration in the Seimas, which includes micromobility measures in its regulations. After receiving the government’s conclusion, the projects will be discussed further in Seima Market.

The amendment of Seimas will determine that the micromobility device is equipped with a two-wheel or four-wheel electric motor intended for a person with a power of not more than 0.5 kW and a design speed of not more than 25 km / h. Such a vehicle could be an electric scooter, skateboard.

Do not drive without holding the steering wheel, at least one hand carrying a trailer or pushing a load that prevents driving or endangers the user. Use other roads to be towed by other vehicles, tow other vehicles to drive while clinging to others. Vehicles that can drive more than 20 km / h, and when driving on sidewalks and bikes on either side of the road or on the right sidewalk near pedestrians – at speeds in excess of 7 km / h. Speed

According to the proposed law, people under the age of 16 will be allowed to ride electric bikes or four-wheeled vehicles on wheelchairs, bicycles, and people over the age of 14 who have completed the training. On the other hand, when driving on the sidewalk, drivers of small vehicles should wear light-colored vests with reflective elements or with white and red lights on the front and rear.

Drivers of micromobility equipment under the age of 18 should wear helmets for bicycles. In addition, it is forbidden to drive on the railroad tracks if there are bicycle lanes, highways or crosswalks where it is not suitable for this purpose.

Positive evaluation of change

Head of Development of the “Bolt” sharing service in the Baltic Eimantas Balta for the news portal He said he was positive about the amendments proposed by the current government.

“For our part, we are ready: we will help implement these requirements in collaboration with the responsible authorities, as well as by notifying and empowering Bolt motorcycle users.”

Currently, the maximum speed of a scooter is 25 km / h, as proposed in the law.

“As we have already said, we are in principle favoring high-speed limits as an effective way to prevent accidents. The speed of the Bolt Smart Scooter can be set remotely. For example, there are already speed limits in the central part of Vilnius and Klaipėda, where scooters reduce speeds to 15 km / h.

Set the speed of all scooters to 20 km / h. Baltijos, head of development at Bolt Shared Services, said there would be no technical issues.

Bolt motorcycles can only be ridden by people over 18 years old. Each user who registers an account and bank card on this platform confirms his or her age, and the responsibility for the minor’s behavior rests with the parents and guardians. The Company always reserves the right to close user accounts in the event that Bolt motorcycles are used outside the law.

Disagree with speed reduction

Tomas Valaitis, manager of “” for the news portal He stressed that he would support many changes because it is not safe to give children a fast and powerful scooter. However, he does not like to slow down the speed of the scooter from 25 to 20 kilometers per hour.

“We rent and sell all scooters limited to 25 kilometers per hour. “Many of them do not have screens, so you can never know how fast you are driving, so not exceeding the speed limit will be difficult even if you want to obey the rules.”

According to company managers, education and additional information should be disseminated about why helmets are so important for safety. When selling or renting a motorcycle, the company “” always tries to guide the purchase of helmets, at least from all possible protective measures.

During the first half of this year, two motorcyclists were involved in 82 road accidents, injuring 88 people and leaving no one dead, according to police. Last year, there were 202 such incidents, with 209 victims, the same as last year.

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