(Un) real: From upset Slovenians to Ataman’s fists

The long-awaited event of this year, the European Basketball Championship, has already started this week and this time it promises to be the strongest match in history.

Greece National Team / Schedule

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Nikola Jokic, MVPs of the last four NBA seasons, and the potential Luka Doncic are the stars who take the game to the next level immediately. Who will win and who will be the source of tears for the last battle in Berlin?

On September 1, 24 national football teams will begin their fight for the European basketball throne, the crown that has already belonged to Slovenia for five years, in four cities of the Old Continent.

Before the start of the most anticipated annual event BasketNews Reveals 5 bold predictions that seem unlikely before the championship but at the same time do not sound uncertain.

These are not predictions, but potentially unexpected scenarios that were not talked about much before elementary school. Here are five bold predictions for the European Championship scenario.

In the comments, classify the scenario from the most likely to the least and place your bold predictions that no one talks about but cannot immediately rule out.

Turkey – in the semi-finals

FIBA Photo

Hard to believe? Seen from the side – very difficult. But on closer inspection, there are compelling reasons that make this seem uncertain to the Turks. Ky.

First, the team of the Turkish national team. In Group A, only the Spanish name can be intimidating, but it is no longer the destructive force with the Gasol brothers. The Spaniards, who are going through a generational change, are now inferior to the Turks in terms of genius.

The other national teams in Group A in Sakartvel are definitely not Group A. Of course, the Turks have repeatedly failed to live up to their expectations, but maybe this year they will finally master the big stage?

Giannis Antetokounmpo

Giannis Antetokounmpo
Location: PF, SF
Age: 27
Height: 211 cm
Weight: 98 kg
Place of birth: Athens, Greece

The Turks, who relied heavily on the atmosphere in the dressing room, could catch fire after winning their first match against Montenegro, which was unpredictable, and then only the Spaniards could compete with Ergins Ataman’s army in Team.

It was the first place in the group that could be the key to reaching the semi-finals. Yes, the fourth team in Group B will be strong in any case, but if they can get through the round of 16, the extra road in the last quarter will feature opponents who are not in the top tier.

Turkey is famous as a host nation and that’s how it should feel in Berlin – the German capital is home to more than 100,000 people, according to unofficial data. Turkey Turkey should be the most desirable opponent from Group A in the round of 16.

Cedi Osman, Shane Larkin, Alperen Šengun, Furkan Korkmaz and some other strong EuroLeague players – only a handful of champions surpass the talented Turks and two-time EuroLeague champions Ataman, who have always been confident. Behind the whole ship.

Turkey’s preparations for the championship are unreliable, but they are a team spirit for a team that, after a successful start to the championship, the top four teams in the old continent seem Not impossible.

Slovenia – No Medal

FIBA Photo

The European champions came to win the title as their main favorite, and it seems to be written in the star that the place for the Slovenians to distribute medals was simply reserved. Or not? Not everything is that simple.

Serbia, Greece, France, Lithuania have a lot of arguments, and the most important thing is that already in the group, their opponents will be two of the favorites and Germany, with Slovenia losing hard. Before the championship.

The defeat of Germany proved to be a problem in paradise and if they do not beat their team then Serbia or Greece will be waiting for the potential European champions in the quarter-finals.

Luka Doncic is a star that can hardly be stopped, but one player will not be enough in such a strong championship.

Much will depend on the other basketball players first, Goran Dragić. The question is whether the 36-year-old defender, who has returned to the national team, could become Doncic’s Robin, which is finally for him in 2017.

Slovenia, based on its own game on attack, is penalized for defending by the practice of both opponents So the question is, will they be talented enough to win this style against a favorite team? Other important or not.

Five Symbols – Without Euroleague Players

Photo BNS / Teodoras Biliūnas

First, we agree to the terms. Here we call the Euroleague player a basketball player who will play in the Old Continent League next season.

In 2017, in the five symbols of the championship, next to Pau Gasol, Bogdan Bogdanović (he left the NBA after the 2016-2017 season) and Goran Dragičius have the same Aleksej Švedas and Dončičius who played in the Euroleague in 2017 – 2018 season.

However, this year’s NBA basketball team will complete so many European Championships that it looks like all five of the five symbols will be playing for Atlantis next season.

Nikola Jokičius, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Dončičius, Dragičius, Domantas Sabonis, Jonas Valančiūnas, Rudy Gobert, Evan Fournier, Franz Wagner – these are just a handful of NBA players who will shine at the European Championships.

And what can the Euroleague offer? Of course, Istanbul “Anadolu Efes”, Vasilije Micičius and Larkin have argued that there is no shortage of talented Euroleague basketball players in Serbia and Greece, and if the champions succeed for Lithuania, maybe Marius Grigonis or Ignas Brazdeikis will be at the forefront of this discussion.

However, among these five unexpected scenarios seems to be my own.

Greek Championship

FIBA Photo

Going forward, it seems unlikely, but as long as Greece has a healthy Gianni, anything can happen in a short championship.

In preparation, Greece was one of the most injured national teams – first Georgios Papagiannis, then Ioannis Papapetrou, then Kostai Sloukas and Antetokounmpo, and Giannis himself in trouble. Cosmos.

Although it may seem like a whole core of health issues will be present at the championship, but in the short-term championships, preparation is very important and if you do not get in shape in time, you can pack. Your wallet quickly. Home.

What makes you believe in the Greeks? Of course Giannis. The Greek superstar seems to have figured out how to transfer his talent to the FIBA ​​court, and his 40 points against Serbia is something that will go down in the history of basketball for a long time, for example. Of management.

A decent Greek team, a C team where players with health problems will have time to get in shape, and one of the best European coaches, Dimitris Itoudis, also added credit.

Triple is doubled

Photo SIPA, AFP-Scanpix, FIBA

Until the last European Championships, three trophies were not recorded in the Champions League for a long time. 22 years until great results were recorded by Romanian Andrei Mandache. It is only three times in the history of the “Eurobasket” – in addition to Romania, it was recorded by the Croatian Toni Kukočius and Stojko Vranković.

Three playoff games have historically been impossible. But this year, I will not be surprised by three or more such achievements.

Why? Because the same star came to the championship. Doncic always plays with this limit and the soon-to-be-waiting opponent will demand his best version and we can expect the same from Jokic.

Those are the two main rivals for the three-time winning championship, but there are many more.

Giannis will be busy scoring, but his team-mate Nick Calathes, who has already done it twice in the EuroLeague, has the potential to score three times in statistics.

We also have real opponents for the double. In preparation, Domantas Sabonis is the best reformer for himself in the history of the Lithuanian national team, and if he did not have to share the pitch with Jonas Valančiūnas in that team, he would have recorded three times before. European Championships. . Well, that is the kind of achievement we are waiting for in Germany from our stars.

Unusual champions are waiting, so look forward to historic achievements!

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