V. Čeburins: “We go out to rest in a good mood”

“Zalgiris” coach Vladimiras Čeburins thanked the fans for their support during a difficult period after the victory over the “Knights” and Donatas Kazlauskas admitted that the second half was tense.

“Galgiris” had a two-goal advantage after the first half, but in the second half the “Knights” softened the deficit and threatened to equalize. However, Renan scored (3: 1) at the end of the match.

“Bravo fans, once again, they have created a great support for us. For those small episodes, when the attacking team misses a counter-attack – then support is essential. We controlled a lot of the ball in today’s game. Opponents choose to play with number two in the counterattack. In the first half we did not give them a chance. Going into the second half, both under pressure and due to the exit we made a mistake, we were given a chance to fight back. We missed the penalty – that was the referee’s decision. In the end we scored the third goal, he was mature. We have a lot of opportunities, ”said V. Cheburin.

“It was not an easy match, the first half was not bad – 2: 0 we took the lead. But in the second half, maybe we rested too much, the penalty was messed up and then it was tight until the last minute. It’s good that Renan’s goal has addressed this, ”D. Kazlauskas said.

He made his fourth start of the season and scored the first goal, though he did pay tribute to his team-mates.

“I tried my best, I didn’t play much in the first team. I’m glad we won. That goal was just luck because Francis shot and the ball “Touch me. But the most important thing is three points, it does not matter who scores and who misses.”

This season Žalgiris has beaten the “Knights” five times. “Three points are awarded for every game, no matter who we play. But fighting the “Knights” is a matter of principle. This year we have really shown that we are stronger, ”អ្នកalgiris residents said.

After a longer break, Ovidijus Verbick’s name is also on the protocol of the championship. According to V. Cheburin The midfielder is not 100 percent ready yet, but close.

“We are not in a hurry, he is training with the whole team. He acts with the whole team. This is really fun. He has already been shortlisted for the final. “However, we are not in a hurry to let him on the pitch.”

After a period of intense Žalgiris will rest for three days.

“It’s good to have a break now. We go into it with a good feeling. Now you need to rest the battery charge. To make a conclusion. About your future rivals and your game. Then work on it. The group will rest for a few days, then we gather and organize more. V. Čeburinas noted that a difficult schedule awaits.

“Fatigue really felt. The coach tried to spin but he collected a lot of games. The one who played the most was real. Looking forward to these holidays, ”D. Kazlauskas revealed.

The national team will play this week and “Žalgiris” will play their next match a week later, on September 27th. Against “Sūduva”.

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