“Vytis-VDU” continues: Former players and players returning to Lithuania are joining / News

Augustinas Mikštas, Gabrielius Čelka is still in the group and Titas Januševičius arrives.

Photo: T. Matijoška

Šakiai basketball team “Vyčio-VDU”, which is preparing for the championship of the National Basketball League (“7bet-NKL”), resumes the work it started.

Gabriel Čelka

Gabriel Čelka
Location: SG, SF
Age: 20
Height: 198 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Place of birth: Kaunas, Lithuania

The most prominent player of the U23 3×3 national team is the first player to join the team: Rokas Mačiulis, who played for “Šilutė” last season, Ernestas Jonkus, who became the NKL champion representing the team ” Gargždas “and Eimantas Žilius, who finished last season in the” Kretinga “team.

Then the composition of “Vyčio-VDU” is full of young people, the main driving force of the team – Augustinas Mikštas, who is returning to the team for the second season, Gabrielius Čelka, veteran of the team and Titas Januševičius, who started his career at In Spain and now back in Lithuania and joining the team.

The three young basketball players are actively preparing for the upcoming basketball season by participating in fitness training, individual training and triathlon.

Čelka, Januševičius and Mikštas finished third together with Trakai “GEALAN” in the Lithuanian 3×3 basketball league season, which ended in Kaunas in mid-August.

The basketball player now represents the U21 3×3 youth team and is currently preparing for the final stages of the FIBA ​​3×3 Nations League, which will take place on September 14-16 in Romania.

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