What the first victory showed and what was most needed in the fight against the Bosnians

The championship started off bad history for Kazios Maksvytis’s students – there were three defeats, though we were able to win three.

Lithuania lost 85:92 to defending champions Slovenia, 73:77 recognized the advantage of the French Olympic runners-up and 107: 109 after two extra hours losing to the hosts of the tournament, Germany, and what should be The most frustrating is that in all. These games are completed at the last minute.

Bosnia and Herzegovina are also competing in Lithuania’s Group B, where Lithuania will play on Wednesday for a final ticket to the Playoffs.

It is true that even on Tuesday morning the situation did not depend on the Lithuanian basketball player.

Before the match, Lithuania Bosnia met with the French team and in case of victory they will get a seat in the qualifiers and decided to exclude the Lithuanian team from the match.

However, the French, backed by Lithuanian fans, won the match 81:68 and saved Lithuania’s hopes.

According to Mindaugas Brazis, the new coach of Klaipėda “Neptūnas”, the result of the previous match in the “Lanxess” arena may have contributed to the Lithuanians’ victory over Hungary.

“First I want to pay attention to the emotional state. When you are not self-reliant, then you get a positive result, like a stone falling. In the first game against Hungary, which is free in The match did not hesitate with the decision, the shot and the ball changed very well.

Of course the opponents are a bit weaker, but still where our game has changed the most. The emotional turmoil that had plagued the Lithuanians diminished. When you play freely, that’s what happens. And the shots fall and the combination comes out and the speed comes.

I think this is important and now things should get better ”- while talking to lrytas.lt M. Brazys said.

Basketball experts also believe that after things turned out on Tuesday in Group B, the Lithuanians will be in a better mood and will have the advantage over Bosnia and Herzegovina because of that.

“The emotional state after the first victory, I think, will be one of them. They had a tougher match, playing with the main striker until the end and losing in the end. The Lithuanian players spun all the players not playing for too many minutes.

Through the interviews of the players, the feeling in the chair and their faces, we can see that they are confident. I think it should be a better match.

“I do not know what will happen, but I believe things will get better and after that things will start all over again,” said the basketball expert.

Lithuanian basketball players now have only one task – to beat Bosnia and Herzegovina and advance to the knockout stages.

When we talk about basketball, we often do not consider the Bosnians a strong team, but we should not underestimate them. Opponents are in their squad, “Portland Trail Blazers” midfielders Jusuf Nurkic, new “Real Madrid” players Dzhanan Musa and John Roberson are leading the team’s attack perfectly in the match. Ek.

All three are averaging 54.6 points per game. Basketball expert M. Brazys sees Lithuania’s main problem in defending opponents, but all three Bosnian players are not afraid.

“The first three games were about defensive concerns, especially when stopping opponents. Looking at the defense composition of the national teams of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is no such defender.

There is Dzhanan Musa, but he has not yet introduced himself as an NBA or EuroLeague player. He still has an entire career ahead of him. Bosnia is also less talented than other teams.

But watch the last Lithuanian match, it is alive and our midfielder meets the opponent above. I feel everything will be fine, ”said coach Neptuno.

Domantas Sabonis is probably the most criticized in the Lithuanian rankings for this championship. Two NBA All-Star matches did not meet expectations in the first three matches.

Sacramento Kings players averaged 9.6 points (45.8% from doubles), 2 assists and 11.3 rebounds in the first three games.

D. Sabonis finally played an influential match on Tuesday. The Lithuanian scored 19 points (6/6 twice, 1/1 three times, 4/5 penalties), 8 rebounds, 4 assists and 30 points.

“I want to say that everyone played better. But I think there are two things here.

First – the mental load dropped, second – we played with the weakest team in the team. “Against France we could not control behind the basket, with Germany we could, but Domant’s game was still scary and now Hungary had nothing to do against him.” M. Brazys Lithuanian.

Lithuania will face Bosnia on Wednesday at 3pm. 30 minutes Mindaugas Brazys believed in our team’s victory, but he named the key qualities that will be needed in the game.

“The most important thing is that we come up with the same sentiments that we have come up against the Hungarians. No need to start thinking about what will happen, we have to play our basketball, not lose focus. In defense, because we always have someone who manages to lose their players somewhere when there is an interception.

Sometimes long shots are thrown by people who can hit those shots. You will have to play your basketball. Before that it was not bad, but it lacked the small details before full happiness. If we play freely, things will be fine, ”M. Brazys concluded.

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