What to expect in the coming weeks: Our plans for the European Basketball Tournament / News

Live broadcast of Lithuanian national team matches, morning Q&A for our BN + clients and more content, articles and videos for you every day of the European Championships.

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The event we have been waiting for and preparing for all summer, if not soon, starts this Thursday. The European Championships are back after five years (after a hundred too long!) And we have mountain content planned for you to celebrate.

So what can BasketNews readers and BN + customers expect in the next 3 weeks? This post is normal for Plusies, but we are sharing it with all our readers.

First and foremost, our reporters will be where the action is. Donatas Urbonas, Tomas Vanagas and Lukas Malinauskas will leave for Cologne on Tuesday, with Tomas and Lukas set to focus on the Lithuanian national team, while Donatas will dominate our main rivals – Slovenia. French and German.

BasketNews.com Editor-in-Chief Edvinas Jablonskis will cover the European Championships from Tbilisi, where Lithuanian-related teams will play, as one of them will be in the round of 16 (if Lithuania Play there and of course we have no doubt it will). Two more journalists of our English version, Giorgos Kyriakidis and Orazio Cauchi, will cover the European Championships from Milan.

Colleagues in Cologne will not only keep a pulse on Lithuanian national team work and provide you with visual and written material from national team matches and training sessions, but will also communicate with you immediately. Also.

Before all the matches of the Lithuanian national team, one of our journalists will join the Instagram live broadcast where he will answer all your questions. Follow our Lithuanian Instagram profile so you do not miss it!

After all the matches of the Lithuanian national team the next morning, two journalists in Cologne will be in touch to chat live with our BN + clients. These will be exclusive YouTube live broadcasts for Plus where they can ask questions to Lukas, Tom and Donatus.

So during the podcast championship, Q&A will be more frequent than usual.

You will see us more often in the public BasketNews.lt podcast – we will make them live after every Lithuanian national team match that evening. Both the public podcast and the morning Q&A session for Plus will also be on the video later.

This is just a small part of the video content we will have. As you may have noticed, we are now introducing you to a team of European champions. Yesterday and the day before we looked at Group A and B, today is Group C and tomorrow there will be a review of Group D.

Before each match of the Lithuanian national team, we will also have an overview (not serious) of our opponents, which will be hosted by Vytautas Mikaitis.

Augustas Šuliauskas will give BN + subscribers a serious review of both the Lithuanian national team and our future rivals in the qualifiers.

More video content is (and will be) on our UK YouTube channel.

Let me remind you that until the start of the European Championships you can still make predictions in our predictions (mobile version link here).

We invite our readers and plus in Vilnius to watch the European Championships at Gediminas 9 Food Zone, where 10 big TV screens are waiting for you and there is enough space for you and your group of friends. Those who visit there will also take part in our special game where they can win prizes.

Have ideas or suggestions for more things we can do? Do you just want to praise or blame? There is room for everything in the feedback section, we are waiting for your feedback 🙂

Happy Basketball Holidays!

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