“Wheelchair 2022” will run from Alytus to Varėnas for the sixteenth time

Photo: Olita-Orany

On May 21, the “Olita-Orany” association, which organizes mountaineering and cycling, is organizing a 16-day “2022 bike” walk on the route of the former Alytus-Varėna railway for the 16th time.

The railway was built in two phases and was completed in 1899. It was discontinued in 1926.

According to Alytus cycling tour organizers, during the Soviet era, an attempt was made to restore the railway from Alytus to Varėnas, but the wish was not granted and now cycling enthusiasts use that route.

“Bike Train 2022” participants will wait 55 km from Alytus to Varėnas and the same number of kilometers back.

According to Olita-Orany president David Pinkevičius, this is an educational journey, there will be no winners and no losers.

Already in 2005 great fans of physical activity, cycling enthusiasts rode with their families from Alytus to Varėnas.

“Officially, we first organized a cycling tour in 2007. A few years ago we were a bit constrained by isolation and besides we did not stay overnight in Varėna so we drove halfway and returned to Alytus.

Traditionally, the start will take place at the old train station building at 8.38am. And we plan to arrive in Varėnas around 18-18.30.

We adhere to the starting time from the first trip, we never wait for you to arrive late, that odd time has become our trademark.

We also follow it during hiking. Startups are never given even an hour.

We are not in a hurry and we are not in a hurry this time. Before starting, we will tell the cyclists about the history of the railway at Alytus.

The next object of stop is the 70-meter-long tunnel of the Moterties Stream, where people can cross the stream.

As we head towards Varėna, it will be close to 11pm. In Varėna, everyone will be staying in the dormitory of the School of Business and Technology.

This road will stretch on paved roads, gravel roads, forest roads, paved roads again. Former railways are restricted and used for public roads.

The next day we will return to Alytus by another route so as not to be boring for the participants. We chose the trail, it would be hard to doubt that we would drive in Dzūkija.

“D. Pinkevičius says that a few hundred meters from the former Dzūkija railway will open with all the hills.”

Cyclists of all ages are welcome. In 2010, the entire distance was covered by a seven-year-old boy who rode both days.

She is the youngest participant among all Alytis climbers and the oldest cyclist is over 70 years old.

The “Olita-Orany” Association was founded in 2010 on the initiative of cyclists Deividas Pinkevičius, Leon Žukauskas, Daiva Martikonytė and Saulė Pinkevičienė.

It turns out that now the association unites more hikers than cyclists.

The mountaineering has been organized since 2015 and their geography has expanded – not only to Alytus but also to the southern part of Lithuania as a whole.

However, the organizers of the “Bicycle Train 2022” as in previous years hope to receive 50-60 participants.

Some pedal on one day, some on the second day and many on both days. Last year, 30 cyclists rode for two days.

“This is a prestigious event of our association. Around 2008 at the “Vivattur 2008” sports and entertainment exhibition held at the “Litexpo” exhibition center, without our knowledge, our hiking was recognized as the most interesting in Lithuania. Tuy Annie.

In the years that followed, more and more new fashion tours appeared, but we were glad that our performance was not a one-off event.

People are still coming back for this tour even though they have already participated many times.

Maybe they like new stories or discoveries. D. Pinkevičius says a new pedestrian and bicycle bridge was built on the site of the former railway bridge, which became the source of new ideas and projects. We.

He believes that the more cyclists participate in this trip, the more fitness and interest there will be. Will be highlighted.

50 riders is the best option when it is safe to ride because the bikes can break on the road.

“We can not leave a man in the field when his bicycle breaks down. If for some reason the bike is beyond repair, we must find a rescue team for him to get the bike back.

We all ride and hold our iron, ”smiles D. Pinkevičius, along with like-minded club founder, will also use pedals in this year’s march.

Like S. Pinkevičienė, he is a participant in all cycling tours. Those riders who “stuck” 10 years ago and haven’t missed a single ride since then want to take part in the event.

The project “Sports – a source of health and knowledge for all”, implemented by the public enterprise “Sporto Leidinių Grupė”, is co-financed with the Fund of Sports Support Fund, which is run by the Education Transformation Fund.

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