Wolves’ Caver: “My ultimate goal is to still play in the NBA”

The news that the newly formed “Wolves” invited one of G League’s best offensive players last season, Ahmad Caveras, was met with unimaginable joy in the Lithuanian basketball world.

Ahmed Caver

Ahmed Caver


Location: PG
Age: 25
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 79 kg
Place of birth: Atlanta, USA

Former Lithuania international Deividas Dulkys, who coached the United States, spoke cheerfully about the player.

The Atlanta-born basketball player, who finally made his NBA debut last season, admits the decision to go to Europe was not an easy one.

The American hoped that the smart basketball and team playing in Lithuania would be favorable to him, so he decided to taste the legionnaire bread. Caver makes no secret of his goal to return to the strongest league in the world – the NBA.

In the first interview of the club “Wolves” Caver talked about his path in basketball, his knowledge of Lithuania as a team leader. Coach Rim Kurtinaitis, his strengths in the game, his free time and the ideals of his youth.

Is the decision to leave Lithuania difficult?
– When I decided to join the team, I had no expectations. I just want to see everything with my own eyes. One of my coaches last season was Lithuania. He told me that the people here are very friendly and hospitable and Vilnius is a beautiful city with lots of places to do and visit. I mean, I came here with a little baggage of knowledge about Lithuania, but I want to learn and understand everything. It was not easy because I knew I would be away from my family for a long time. I did not expect that I would have to leave my family for such a long time, ten months. But I learned that Lithuanian basketball is very smart, team oriented and the players are very diligent. So I want to be a part of it.

– Do you know anything about Lithuanian basketball?
– When I played for the Memphis Grizzlies, I knew Jonas Valančiūnas. And when I signed a ten-day contract with the Indiana Pacers this year, I had to talk to Domantas Sabonis. Both players are very diligent, so I know what to expect from Lithuanian basketball.

– What is your personal goal in basketball?
– I try to be as good as possible. Competing in the NBA has always been my main goal, but I also thought about testing myself abroad, which I might shine. However, my ultimate goal is still to play in the NBA.

– How can you benefit your team?
Growing up, I encountered a slow basketball style. We played a lot of combinations and the focus was on defense. It’s a similar story in college. We play slowly and our average score is only 60 points or less. We are one of the top five defensive teams of all the colleges. I feel best when I can choose how to play.

Now I really do not understand the team spirit between the players and the game. When you have people who want to win and play team games, it will be easy for someone to fit in. Therefore, after hearing that smart basketball is being played in Lithuania and that I will be able to be an offensive player here, I feel that I will adapt to any style of play.

– How can the new Wolves get the winner character?
– I believe we can fight when we train on the field. Every outdoor activity where we get together, have fun, hang out together is very important, all of these will help build the strong team spirit we need.

– Have you heard anything about team coach Rimas Kurtinaitis?
– I do not know much, just a few things, but from what I have heard – He is a good and famous coach. If you have your name and if the whole country knows you, you must be a good coach.

– How do you feel about defending in a quick attack?
– Great. I could and would like to play defensively, I was on the defensive line in college. I have intercepted on average about twice in the last few years. Therefore, defensive play is something that has been emphasized to me since I was a child. “Every team I’ve been to has been very focused and defensive. In a quick attack, I think I can create a shooting opportunity for my teammates and if not, I can end the attack on my own.

– Tell me more about yourself.
– My family has two sisters, a parent and a dog. My parents watched my matches almost all in person. After high school I did not have any offers from the basketball team. Later I spent a year at the military academy. I feel like I played my best there because I could focus on basketball without any distractions. Then I decided to join the Old Dominion University team. That was my first suggestion. They persevered throughout the summer and said they would not look for another player until I decided I was with them. Therefore, their desire to have me in the team is what I am looking for. I want the team to want me.

In my new year, I replaced Trey Freeman as a great offensive player and I learned a lot from him: hard work culture. He trained a lot. Over the next few years, my importance to the team increased as much as my skills. In my college years, I played the first team, earning over 1,500 points and leading the team in minutes. I was in the top 10 in assists and steals. So I had a great college basketball career. Because of that, I thought I would have a chance to make it to the NBA after college. But it did not happen. After graduation, I did not receive an invitation to practice until August or September.

I did well with Memphis, so they invited me to the next training session. So I worked with them for two weeks and then they offered me a two-way contract that included the G League. I tried to find minutes on the pitch because I was the third or fourth defender. I can shine in defense, I try every day to be successful. In my second year on the team, I expected to be the first player, but I started playing on the bench. Backup. However, I did well, scoring 17 points per game. Finally last year I was allowed to play more, be real myself and put a good statistic on average 17 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds. It was a labor-intensive route, but the effort paid off.

– What are your hobbies? What do you do in your spare time?
– I like tattoos. I got a little addicted to tattoos when I was in college. I told my parents I only had three tattoos and now I am almost 30. In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, I still play computer games, I like Call of Duty, NBA 2K, Madden NFL. I really spend a lot of time playing.

– Who is your ideal in basketball?
– My first favorite player was Brandon Roy of the Portland Trail Blazers. He doesn’t have many fans, but for some reason I really like him. Later, my basketball star was Carmelo Anthony. Syracuse is my dream because of him, because of him I chose shirt number seven. I even met him once in Las Vegas. And my favorite offensive player is Russell Westbrook. I think we have a similar style of play, we like to play thoroughly, he was strong in defense when he was young. He loves to fight to recover, organize team play and score goals whenever he wants. So I want to say that I can call these three basketball players my ideal.


Location Players Age Height
PG Kristupas Žemaitis (Information) 26 192
PG Ahmad Caver (Information) 25 188
SG / PG Adas Juškevičius (Information) 33 194
SG / SF Arnas Beruchka (Information) 25 196
SG / SF Mindaugas Luke (Information) 43 198
SF / PF Eigirdas Žukauskas (Information) 30 201
SF Hugo Invernizzi (Information) 29 196
PF Vitaly Kozys (Information) 23 201
PF / C Miniot Battalion (Information) 26
C Marcos Delia (Information) 30 209
Coach Rimas Kurtinaitis (Information)
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