Women’s A-League 15th Round Review: Gintra Close to Title

That step was so big that you could immediately see another gold medal behind it. Maybe next weekend.

FK Saned 1: 3 FK Gintra

The girls from Šiauliai finished the third round with a match against the team that the former representatives of “Gintras” traveled before the season, the only team to deduct points from “Gintras” and who could not find Its a recent game. In short, “Gintra” defeated Joniškis’ “Saned” at Pakruojja 3: 1 at the end of the third round.

Representatives of the city of Solėjas started the game both confidently and with a quick goal that allowed them to take the lead. The goal was scored by Miracle Porter, who beat teammate Vivian Ikechukwu as the top scorer, closer to the league’s top scorer Khrystyna Pereviznyk and a key player. To be Gintra’s best team in the third round.

The first goal came after a third of the match. V. Ikechukwu mentioned above passed the ball to M. Porter and she had no choice but to send the ball into the net.

Joniškietės was not interrupted and just four minutes later Aušrinė Bikutė pulled the ball out of the goal. The next player could not resist the powerful long shot by Livija Toropovaitė.

The second half belonged to Gintra, which was confirmed by two more goals from Porter, including a well-scored last-minute goal.

The victory meant Gintra increased its distance from the nearest pursuer to fourteen points. This means that in the event of a “Gintra” victory and a loss of points by Vilnius, the “Gintra” football club could win another Lithuanian title this Sunday.

MFA Žalgiris 0: 2 FK Vilnius

Last year, when “Vilnius” opened the door to the top league, the battle between the club and MFA “Žalgiris” -MRU gained a lost voice in women’s football. For Spark Energy Women’s A-League, this city conquest means a lot.

The scheduler arranged everything in such a way that both capital groups completed the round. It was like in the first round, so in the second round as well as in the fourth round. Under the current circumstances, it is very likely that Veasna will finish second in the final.

On Sunday, the girls of “Vilniaus” and “Žalgiris” -MRU finished the third round and Kotryna Kulbytė students celebrated their victory for the first time this season.

Now we can predict what the match would be like if not for the unfortunate Meda Šeškutas catching the ball in the 16th minute, but the truth is this. In that minute, Dovilė Dockaitė, who was alone in front of the empty ball, easily scored.

There was no time to fight back after such a fall, the girl from Žalgiris once again had a chance to see the ability of one of the contestants for the Best Player of the Season K. Pereviznyk award. Having created an opportunity for herself, the Ukrainian turned it into a second goal.

After the break, the girls from Žalgiris had a chance to dress up, but FK Vilnius was the better team at the moment and fully won. This victory makes the competition for the second place even more interesting.

FC Banga 0: 2 FC Hegelmann

In Gargždais, Bangos and Hegelmann face off, with better teams from Kaunas. Considering the fact that Banga have not won a single point this season and have yet to show their best form in the third round, this is not surprising.

Guests begin to show their superiority from the very beginning of the meeting. A safe match allowed Judita Sabatauskaita to score the first goal after less than ten minutes and Karila Liužinaita doubled the difference after more than half an hour.

This deserving victory kept Hegelmann in contention for second place.

Comment by Simon Alsi

Opinion of Milda Liužinaitė

Fixtures after Round 15

The Most Productive Player of the Championship

1. Khrystyna Pereviznyk (FK Vilnius) – 13 goals

2. Trudi Sudan Carter (FK “Gintra”) – 9 goals

3-6. Vivian Obianujuwan Ikechukwu, Miracle Porter (FK “Gintra”), Meida Proscevičiūtė (FK “Saned”), Judita Sabatauskaitė (FC “Hegelmann”) – 8 goals each.

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