World-class bike lanes open in uliauliai

Photo: Aistė Ridikaitė

July 20, Jablonski Street. Day 14 In uliauliai, another cycling infrastructure that meets international standards was opened near BMX Road, a roundabout suitable for the “Pump Road” World Championship. The project was initiated by Arūnas Šatas from Šiauliai. After receiving community support, the cycle road is ready for use for more than a year Half after the idea was proposed.

Arūnas Šatas, president of the BMX “BMX akademija” cycling club, proposes a bike path in Dainų Park in 2020 as part of the budget. In the end, this beautiful initiative received the strongest support from the locals – 1154 votes from the people of Šiauliai, enough to get rid of the remaining 13 proposed projects. The project is also very popular on social media, with more than 50,000 people happy. And shared this information on his Facebook account alone. Consumers.

“The initiative is incredible. We are especially proud that the city has active residents like Arūnas Šatas. We are also happy to fulfill the wishes and needs of the Šiauliai people. And of course we thank Velosolutions Lietuva for Quality work. Their route meets the international standards of cycling championships, so we hope that from now on we will be able to invite the world’s strongest cyclists to compete in អភិបាលiauliai “Mayor Šiauliai Artūras Visockas said.

Šiauliai is one of the pioneers of BMX discipline. More than one professional athlete grew up here. Vilma Rimšaitė, the only BMX Olympian, came from here. And BMX freestyle discipline was probably born in uliauliai in Lithuania. Athletes and I really need bike lanes to improve our riding technique and physical strength. At the same time, this road is also useful for other vehicles such as boards, wheelchairs and scooters. Children’s balance is especially established on such paths. So after Šiauliai City Hall announced a competition for ideas along with BMX coaches, we decided it was necessary to write a project. It is wonderful to have such support from the community. And it’s even more amazing that we have what we need so quickly. ” Speak.

The total area of ​​the project is 1629 sq / m. There are two tracks here. Smaller intended for young people and learners – a simple circle 49 meters long with low hills. The main road is 160 meters long and is twisted into a complex shape and has larger hills. Cyclists, skiers, skiers and skiers can cover both of these routes without pedaling or kicking. All speed is created by physical movement. In this way not only the skills of tool handling are developed, but also balance and physical endurance.

“It is a great honor for us to contribute to the bicycle infrastructure of ទីក្រុងiauliai. Since ancient times, the city of Saules has been considered a pioneer of BMX cycling in Lithuania. We are very happy with the cooperation of the community and the city in this project. The project initiator, Arūnas Šatas, consulted with “Velosolutions Lietuva” from day one while preparing the vision of the track and the project. He convinced the city that such roads should be built by experts in the field. So now Šiauliai enjoys high quality cycling that meets world standards and can host international “pumping” races. “I hope this will be a cross-cutting example for other Lithuanian cities,” said Tomas Jakovlev, president of Velosolutions Lietuva.

Velosolutions has already built more than 500 specialized bike lanes around the world. More than 40 – in the Baltic.

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