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Already from September 1st. The best European basketball players will start the fight to win the title of the old continent. Among the 24 strongest European national football teams is the 12th team of Lithuania, whose match will be available to watch live in the “CBet Fan Arena” located in “Galgiris” ring in Kaunas.

Lithuania National Team / Schedule

Mantas Vedrickas, ប្រធានalgiris ប្រធាន ប្រធាន ប្រធាន ប្រធាន ប្រធាន ប្រធាន ថា manager ព្រឹត្តិការណ៍ galgiris ថា galgiris ប្រធាន galgiris M galgiris M galgiris M galgiris M galgiris Malgiris Malgiris Malgiris Malgiris Malgiris Malgiris Malgiris Malgiris Malgiris Malgiris The battle of the Lithuanian basketball players at the Olympic, World and European Basketball Championships is shown here.

However, Vedrick notes that fans who want to watch the most important basketball game of the year have good news.

“The main difference is that this year, spectators will be able to watch the នៅalgiris” match for free. Want to do, we will wait in the ring.

Visitors will have the opportunity to watch a basketball game through two impressive sized LED screens installed on either side of the ring. High-quality broadcasts will be seen by fans located in different parts of the “Žalgiris” arena – both sitting on the stands and comfortably gathered at tables in the parterre. Even watching the match in Kaunas, the spectators will feel like they are watching it live in Germany, where the Lithuanian basketball team will start their journey in Group B of the match.

Lithuanian national team fans will also get a delicious meal. They will be able to enjoy refreshing drinks and delicious snacks in the “Zalgiris” arena. The organizers of this event promise to have a special atmosphere that will give you an unforgettable experience, with the experience together with the thousands of people who support the Lithuanian basketball players.

Vedrick says that long before the start of the European Men’s Basketball Championship, the most passionate fans were wondering if the match would be rebroadcast on “Zalgiris”. Therefore, this year, those gathered in the “CBet Fan Arena” will have the opportunity to watch all the matches of the Lithuanian national basketball team and other important matches of the championship.

“Basketball is popular all over Lithuania, but in Kaunas it seems to flow through the veins of the townspeople. Thousands of fans gather here to watch The most important match of the basketball players in our country. The arena “Zalgiris” broadcasts a record – even 10,000 people. The European Basketball Championship between Lithuania and Serbia a few years ago. Or more fans.

Not only fans are looking forward to the exciting and exciting time of the European Men’s Basketball Tournament, but also CBet, the main sponsor of the “Sirgaliai Arena” located in the “Zalgiris” Arena.

“Basketball mecca – the arena of basketball fans” is the best title and sentiment for Kaunas basketball fans as the long-awaited European Basketball Championship approaches. We are pleased that the Lithuanian brand “Sibit”, a Kaunas-based basketball sponsor, will contribute to the celebration of the sport. “I feel the Lithuanian national team will be gone this year and with the support of the fans it will be easier to do so,” said CBald Marketing Director Evaldas Magelinskas.

The first match of the Lithuanian men’s basketball team with 2017, it will be possible to see Slovenia already win the European Championship at the Žalgiris “arena on the 1st of this month Miss.

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