Youth Day Home Opening in Kaunas: D. Grybauskaitė also attended the celebration.

Today, President Dalia Grybauskaitė launched the Order of Malta Assistance Service (Then the Maltese) And the Jonas Valančiūnas Support Foundation co-founded the first Youth Day home in Kaunas.

Two NGOs join efforts to ensure that vulnerable youth have access to comprehensive quality services – The J. Valančiūnas Grants Foundation already has experience in preparing youth for independent living using a holistic approach. On sports, Maltese are setting up youth escort services. Based on the individual work of the facilitator, accompanied by young people from foster homes and disadvantaged families.

President Dalia Grybauskaitė Deputy Minister for Social Security and Labor Vilma Augienė Representative of Kaunas City Council Maltese priest Vytautas Rapalis Basketball player and founder of the Support Fund Jonas Valančiūnas Secretary General of Maltese Lep Edvinas Regelskis and others attended the ceremony. Open Youth Day.

In her welcoming speech, D. Grybauskaitė thanked Jonas Valančiūnas for the promise fulfilled.

“I will reveal the secret that when I was acting president Jonas promised me that he would invest in children and youth. Today we celebrate the promise of John, which means he is the man of his word. The fact that he wants to help the child and invest himself not only with his finances, but also with his attention and understanding – for which I am very grateful to him. There are not many of these words, so John’s example is one of the most beautiful. I really hope this house will be useful and helpful for young people, people will come here to get to know each other, strengthen themselves and develop their character. One may be like John, who may try to keep his word that values ​​and love for his country are important. “I am just happy that people are holding on to this word with us today,” he said.

J. Valančiūnas Thank you to everyone who helped him: “I will not be the only soldier in the field, so I want to thank everyone very much and promise not to give up. “This cause is highly nurtured. To see a bright tomorrow, you have to act now. It needs to work and I promise to move forward with a great team.”

For Maltese, day care centers for teenagers are the first. They have experience in educating children – caring and working in 14 Maltese Children’s Day centers across Lithuania, but according to Maltese Lep Secretary-General Edvins Regelskis, different age groups need different jobs. Each.

The building came about as a result of the Kaunas’s efforts, as a result of City Hall’s belief that we could bring more of our great aspirations.

“This building is due to the efforts of the Kaunas team because of the city hall’s belief that we can bring more and our own great aspirations. The sharing method is important, so today we have a great house that will be full soon, and most importantly, the young people who come here will continue to receive support. Traveling with young people and individual work with young people is very important, so we will continue to work in this direction. It will not only be a meeting place or a place for activities, it will be a daily chore for young people to receive bright gifts. Awake. Youth is about the present, not the future. I want to thank everyone who gathered and I can not wait to gather in a year and celebrate that How much have we achieved? ”

Sports-based approach to adolescent education applied

The J. Valančiūnas Foundation opened the first “Išvien” Youth Day Center four years ago, so it already has experience working with sports-based approaches that are also practiced in the open “Istorijos” Youth Day Center. Right now.

The language of the sport is clear and easy to understand, so it works well in social work with teenagers. In the youth center “Istorijos”, a sports method based on basketball is used – a team consisting of twelve teenagers – twelve players. This way of raising teenagers brings discipline – as if nothing happened on the basketball court, there is no tolerance for day care for teenagers: threats, violence, vandalism and lying. . After committing this crime, the youth is technically responsible. After collecting three technical errors, the young man was temporarily disqualified from the care of young children like a player. Basketball from the court. The child is able to correct technical errors and thus develop a sense of responsibility for his actions. As the experience of day care centers operating in Vilnius shows, not a single young person has yet to receive the most severe punishment, the eviction. Everyone tried to eliminate the bug as soon as possible.

Opportunity for teens to discover themselves

The teen care center has a special place where everyone can find activities according to their needs and interests. Since only twelve teenagers in this group are guaranteed individual attention.

Indoor space includes a spacious kitchen where all the teens will cook together, a dining room for lunch and dinner together, seating where young people can organize lessons and socializing, and an active lounge for tennis. Table clips, music and other activities.

The whole project has four parts

The opening of Youth Day is just one phase of a joint project of the J. Valančiūnas Foundation and the people of Malta. The second part is the development of services to accompany the youth for an independent life. Third is the partnership with the employer to set up a referral system in the company where the youth will do the internship or internship. The project also provides training – 85 specialists from Vilnius and Kaunas will learn the methods of accompanying young people. The project is funded by the EEA and / or the Norwegian financial mechanism. It will last until 2024. In june

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